Rostislav Bilik

General Director of AGR Software LLC
Participant of GenerationS Accelerator, Mining&Metals track, 2016
I would like to thank the organizers of Mining&Metals track of GenerationS Accelerator at RVC. The program offered by GenerationS was probably the most efficient and useful project development event we had attended over the years.

I believe that the biggest benefit of GenS project is its practical orientation to promoting innovative startups into major corporations. Practice is the main idea here. GenS Accelerator is not just another lecture course about the ins and outs of working with major industrial customers. They organize meetings and get us work together with corporate units responsible for attracting innovations from the outside.

As a result, innovative companies have an opportunity to start truly efficient negotiations with major potential customers of their products. This is the major point that differentiates GenS from other support programs.

I would also like to personally thank Ekaterina Petrova, Nina Feodosiadi, Oleg Barannik, Alexander Podkovyrov, and other GenS organizers and experts. Thank you very much!

Through your assistance we managed to settle agreements with three major potential customers, and to attract additional grant financing that will give our project an extra competitive edge.

Thank you very much!
AGR Project Team.

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