Selection criteria

1. Selection Criteria And Requirements For GenerationS-2017 Participants

Individuals and representatives of Russian and foreign innovative companies that are interested in rapid development of their technological projects together with corporate accelerator’s Industrial partners and in receiving preliminary orders for project products as well as investments are invited to participate in the GenerationS-2017.

In order to take part in the GenerationS-2017, one should apply for the selected track (corporate accelerator).

Applications will be accepted from participants if projects meet the following criteria:

— innovation component in the technology/product;

— technological feasibility;

— compliance with the track industry line;

— project team (availability of competent and motivated staff);

— investment perspectives;

— high scalability and probability of implementation;

— high probability of market capitalization growth;

— potential synergy effects for Industrial partners, investment funds, and National Technology Initiative (NTI) markets.

After registering on the website you can choose the track which best suits your project and complete the relevant application form. If the desired industry line is not available at the time when you complete the application form, you may fill out a preliminary application, which can be later taken as a basis for submission of applications for the track or a special award.

Each submitted request is moderated, and once moderation is completed the application can be:

— rejected, if the application explicitly fails to meet the above criteria or is filled out not properly;

sent for revision, if the application is completed not properly and there is not enough information for proper evaluation;  *(This option is available only for those who submitted an application before August 30, 2017. The opportunity to revise the application is granted only once).

sent for remote examination, if the application is completed properly and meets the above-listed criteria.

2. Expert Examination Of Applications Within Generations-2017

Each application is evaluated in several stages. At the first stage, the application is evaluated by at least the two experts; they assess the technological component and business potential of the project. Once the application is evaluated by two experts on the basis of both criteria, it is appraised by the Industrial partner's experts – it is them who decide whether this project enters the accelerator or not.

During application procedure and evaluation, the experts are guided by the following basic principles:

— no conflict of interest or interest in project results;

— application subject is in line with expert qualification;

— impartiality and non-partisanship of the expert;

— qualified, specific and well-founded opinion on the project based on its evaluation;

— compliance with scientific and business ethics;

— non-disclosure of information obtained by the expert for examination;

— anonymity of examination – information about the expert can be transferred to the project team and/or third parties only with the consent of the expert.

Criteria For Online Evaluation Of Projects

After reading the application materials, the expert gives an integral estimation using a five-grade scale.

The expert in scientific and technical (technological) matters shall be guided by the following criteria during application evaluation:

— innovativeness,

— physical and technical feasibility,

— demand on the market and among industrial partner enterprises,

— possibility of imitation by competitors,

— intellectual property protection and scalability,

— project team.

Projects featuring a distinct competitive advantage, high demand on the market or prospects of forming new markets and which are difficult to reproduce in the next 3-4+ years deserve the highest possible score (five) within a technical and scientific expert evaluation.

The business expert evaluates the application based on the following parameters:

— innovativeness,

— demand on the market,

— perspectives of project scalability,

— attractiveness for investors,

— risks and barriers to project implementation,

— project team.

Projects that have potential for rapid development and quick capitalization growth, that are attractive for investors and provide them with a possibility of a quick return on investments (3-4 years) deserve the "five" (maximum) score within business expert evaluation. These are the projects the expert would like to invest themselves in or recommend the project to other investors.

When evaluating the projects, experts are guided by their own experience of launching startups, investments and/or implementation of high-tech projects.

Based on the results of the online examination, GenerationS-2017 participants are selected for a face-to-face project evaluation at BootCamp.

Face-To-Face Selection Of Projects For GenerationS-2017 Corporate Accelerators

Projects are selected for Corporate accelerators at the BootCamp – a face-to-face event within each track, which includes:

— educational sessions, where startups  meet experts and Industrial partners, prepare presentations for the expert session and networking;

— mentoring sessions with the involvement of experts and mentors of the Track and its Industrial partners, where projects are reworked, business models are clarified and preparations are made for expert sessions;

— expert sessions with experts of the Track and its Industrial partners, where participants of GenerationS Corporate accelerators are determined.

The list of Corporate accelerator's participants is established based on expert sessions within the final day of BootCamp and project evaluation by the best experts of GenerationS and industrial partners of the track.

When evaluating applications, experts give points from 0 to 10 for each of criteria specified (for reference, in brackets under each point, the criteria for scoring 10 points is specified):

— Urgency of the issue (confirmed by the industrial partner, solution is in high demand on the market and has bright prospects for growth and upscaling into other industries);

— Competitive advantages (project has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the counterparts; copying of project by competitors is complicated or impossible; intellectual property of the project is safely protected);

— Market study and business models (real demand from the market is confirmed - negotiations are conducted, agreements are signed, feedback received, business model is scalable and making conclusions about the prospects of rapid and sustainable project development is possible);

— Project team (information about the roles of participants in a team and experience of implemented projects confirms that all key positions are occupied by unique and highly qualified specialists able to implement the project and having experience in successful implementation of similar projects);

— Dynamics of project development (the team has achieved significant results in the project development over the last year, overcome the technical barrier or built up strategic partnerships / moved to the next stage / raised investments);

— Attractiveness for investors (the expert is willing to invest in the project or recommend it to the investor).

The best projects which scored the highest points for the above criteria will be invited to Corporate accelerators of the GenerationS-2017.