Industrial partner
Northern Biopharmaceutical Cluster is an association of leading enterprises of the Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry, research institutes and medical institutions, as well as small innovative companies on the base of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. Nothern BioPharmCluster has been created within the framework of the Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Development Strategy for up to 2020 ("Farma2020"). The main mission of BPhC Nothern is the transition to an innovative model of development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry with the complementary capacity and competence of the organizations-participants of the Cluster.
Directions for the selection of projects:
New pharmaceuticals, biosimilars, and the target delivery of drugs
Diagnostic systems based on molecular and cellular targets
Developments in the field of regenerative and cell medicine
Biocompatible materials and biocomposites
Medical equipment and software for the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases
"Big data": services in the field of decryption and annotation of genomes, as well as the search for biomarkers for individual pharmacotherapy
IT-technologies in health care organizations, outpatient records, telemedicine, digital certification of patients and monitoring of patients, clinical decision support systems, and clinical trials data
  • Mobile applications and devices for health monitoring
  • Fitness trackers and fitness gadgets
  • Cloud services
NeyroFarma (the pharmacy direction dealing with diseases of the central nervous system):
  • Gene and cell therapy and correction
  • Early personalized diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Increasing cognitive abilities of healthy people
Neuro Medical Equipment (medical equipment of the new generation):
  • Neuroprosthetics (including artificial sensory organs)
  • Rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities using neurotechnologies
  • Robot-assisted therapy with biofeedback
  • Multimodal, interactive, adaptive neurointerfaces for mass consumers