The largest accelerator in Russia and CIS countries in the field of creative entrepreneurship. We are looking for the coolest startups in the area of fashion, media, design, cinema art, computer games, music, education and culture!

Creative industry is one of the most dynamically developing realms of the global and Russian economies which unites industries of fashion, design, marketing and media, cinema art, computer games, music, education and culture.

As part of GenerationS, the largest Creative accelerator in Russia has been launched in 2017, aiming at finding and implementing start-up solutions in the field of creative economy. In the new season we will support for the first time, apart from fashion and media directions, innovative solutions in computer games, cinema art, music and publishing trade while awaiting interesting applications from startups.

Partner of the track is the largest lifestyle company on the direct sales market - Faberlic (is among the 100 largest perfumery and cosmetic manufacturers in the world and in the TOP-5 on the direct sales market in the CIS countries).


When applying for the track, the startup is given an opportunity:
  • to be included in a unique accelerator that will be held based at the premises of Faberlic, partner of the track, in form of open innovation; where every day the product proposed and the startup team itself will be continuously improved through workshops, traction meetings, speed dating and ongoing work with industry mentors and experts;
  • to check their pilot projects under actual usage conditions at Faberlic premises;
  • to get feedback from direct consumers of the solutions implemented;
  • to present the project to private investors and venture funds at the end of acceleration;
  • to compete for winning the Track prize fund amounting to 1,000,000 rubles and the Grand Prix of GenerationS worth 15,000,000 rubles;
  • to find new potential clients from among large international companies.

The program participants will get a chance to make connections with creative industry companies and potential clients, which may result in making deals and partnerships, launching pilot projects and co-products.


In 2016, there were at once 4 finalist companies which have become residents of Publicis Communications and now actively cooperate with the media group and their clients.

Boft — printing instant photos from social networks. Apart from photos, new product offerings are developed within the existing system of vending services and mobile applications to meet the needs of large advertisers.
LocalGuide — platform for instant tour guide service ordering and aggregator of a set of key services for tourists visiting major events. A partnership launch with the advertiser is being worked out under the sponsorship of the football championship next year.
Tagvisor — an app that enables search for cafes, bars and restaurants based on user feedback collected from social networks and visitor profiles. A proposal is developed to launch the service as part of strategic partnership with a major player on the dark market.
VidiGuide — a cloud application for seamless delivery of multi-media content in museums, galleries, parks and exhibitions. One examines the possibility of a pilot implementation and full-fledged launch of application ecosystem using the freemium model, in partnership with large cultural institutions and advertisers.

How to apply:

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Industrial partner

Faberlic is the largest Russian direct sales company on the market, and the manufacture of unique patented oxygen cosmetic products that deliver oxygen deep within the layers of the skin. Faberlic also offers a whole range of products, including skin and haircare products, exclusive perfumes, decorative cosmetics, home and health products, linens and tights, and fashionable clothes.
In 2003, the Company entered the international market. Now Faberlic representative offices are open in 24 countries around the world, with delivery operations in 42 countries. More than 2 million Representatives cooperate with us in Europe and Asia. About 10 million consumers enjoy using Faberlic products every day!