High technologies in the field of banking and financial products and services.

The Fintech track will combine projects in the area of financial technologies, services and e-commerce.

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry of IT solutions that improve the efficiency of financial and banking services. Today there are more than 7 thousand active Fintech start-ups in the world, although in the modern form the direction appeared quite recently — approximately in 2008. The first steps were made back in 1950: then a non-cash payment system was created, which replaced check books. Initially, the card was just a piece of cardboard, eventually it was applied to the number and name of the owner, then added magnetic strips and chips. In the 2000s, mobile wallets and payment applications appeared.

The FinTech GenerationS-2017 track combines projects in the area of financial technologies, services and e-commerce. For the first time ever, the Fintech direction was launched in the accelerator in 2016.

Основные этапы Трека
Directions for the selection of projects:
Solutions and technologies in the field of authentication
Mobile (MPOS) acquiring and e-commerce (online acquiring)
Solutions for application programming for the interfaces (APIs) of banks
Virtual banking (online banking and mobile applications)
Big data and online scoring
Platforms of p2p-crediting / electronic wallets
Non-contact technologies for electronic wallets
Blockchain Technologies
Internet of things (IoT) and offline-to-online (о2о)
Bank chat-bots and robo-advising
Other services and products that are applicable in the financial sphere
Distributed registry and automated (“smart”) contracts*
New technologies in traditional finance*
(New technologies in traditional finance include such important initiatives as unified banking identification, increase in access to bank financing for SMEs due to increased transparency of government data on SMEs' activities and, accordingly, simplifying credit scoring for small companies)
RegTech. Technologies in the field of risk management, payment control and interaction with the regulator

*as part of the FinNet NTI Road Map

The long-list of projects for distance selection in the accelerated program of the track has been published. The results of the selection will be published in January 2018.

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Acceptance of applications completed
— software for detecting falsification in digital images and document scans, as well as biometric identification of the user.


QIWI, an industrial partner of the track Finance & Banking Technologies GenerationS-2016, and Oz Photo Expert developers have launched a pilot project for testing biometric identification to protect against fraud. The corporation plans to apply Oz Photo Expert assessment in its products. The start-up received a grant of two million rubles for the StartGenS competition as part of the Start program of the Innovation Support Fund.
— a service of quick credit search for small and medium business.


With Finhub, QIWI plans to develop a convenient loan tool. FinTech partner of GenerationS VTB 24 prepares a joint pilot project with the Finhub team, which won the category “Best FinTech-start-up for B2B”.
— a mobile application for simple and reasonable investments in securities.


With the team of the Simple Invest project, developers of the Russian Robinhood mobile application, QIWI conducted a pilot project, following which the start-up received from QIWI a second tranche of financing for the development and scaling of the product.
— predictive market analytics for hedge funds and individual investors. Market forecasts based on the work of decentralized collective and artificial intelligence.


The Moscow Stock Exchange, the industrial partner of the GenerationS-2016 FinTech track, successfully conducted a pilot project with the Cindicator project team: within three weeks, the trading robot from Cindicator made deals on the basis of the collective opinion of non-professional traders.