Metals treatment, new ore mining technologies, remote and automated mining equipment control,raw materials concentration and quality control.

Largest companies in the areas with traditionally difficult and closed for start-ups make their proposals to projects from metallurgy, diamond mining and related industries to present their technologies and gain refinement, implementation, building of joint business, investment attraction or sale of technology.

A man has been mining metal for a long time. In particular, the traces of copper smelting discovered in the 1950s–1960s in Minor Asia date back to the 7th–6th millennium B. C. Today, the share of the metallurgical industry in Russia's GDP is about 5 %, in industrial production — about 18 %, in exports — about 14 %.

For the first time, the Mining & Metals track appeared in the accelerator in 2016, in the GenerationS-2017 track will again unite technology developers for the mining and metallurgy industry.

Основные этапы Трека
Investment Partners track
R&D Park is the first infrastructure in Russia for technology development and its transfer to industrial partners. Russia’s biggest precious metals refinery – Krastsvetmet is a core industrial partner of R&D Park.
R&D Park’s activity goes beyond precious metals field into the areas of new products and new businesses development helping Krastsvetmet to achieve its strategic goals. Industrial partners and members of R&D Park are involved in this activity, enhancing its output.
R&D Park members are provided with professional evaluation for their developments, opportunity to pilot-test their projects at the existing production, access to the newest laboratory equipment and precious metals for the research purposes. Financing opportunities are affordable through the established Krastsvetmet’s partner network.
"RT - Business Development" LLC offers professional asset management services targeting financial and industrial projects based on best global practices in the corporate management of investment projects.
Directions for the selection of projects:
  • exploration and methods of prospecting deposits;
  • open and underground mining technologies;
  • energy saving and energy efficiency in mining;
  • environmental technologies;
  • transportation, equipment, mechanisms, machinery, and tools for the mining industry.
  • enrichment technology;
  • energy saving and energy efficiency in metallurgy;
  • environmental technologies in metallurgy;
  • automation of technological processes;
  • metallurgical equipment;
  • processing of metals;
  • powder metallurgy;
  • new materials;
  • new products with precious metals (including medical applications);
  • products and technologies that replace the use of precious metals;
  • refining.

The long-list of projects for distance selection in the accelerated program of the track has been published. The results of the selection will be published in January 2018.

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Acceptance of applications completed
—is innovative development of the Russian innovator Vitaliy Kim on creating nanocrystals for inkjet printing can make a very big contribution to the development of the electronics industry.


Nano ink made of precious metals can be used to create various electronic devices, including flexible ones, by inkjet methods. This industry is now very important; it involves large corporations manufacturing microelectronics. The product has been tested by Fujifilm (California, USA), and based on their results, the AkCo Lab start-up is included in the list of recommended ink suppliers for Fujifilm printers around the world. Currently, AkCo Lab sells its product on a small-batch scale, mainly abroad. The project aimed at the production of silver, gold and platinum Nano ink aroused interest of Krastsvetmet, an industrial partner of the Mining & Metals track of the RVC start-up accelerator GenerationS. The Project Manager Vitaly Kim notes that participation in the federal accelerator #GenS was a very important step in the development promotion. The accelerator helped speed up the development of the project, popularise the project in the media, find new interesting contacts, and an industrial partner represented by Krastsvetmet OJSC.
— developed a mechanochemical method for obtaining ultrafine metals,


the advantages of which in comparison with the existing ones currently are: a wide range of created materials, environmental friendliness of production, compactness of equipment and simplicity of hardware design, as well as the possibility of rapid training of personnel. The equipment for semi-industrial production of ultra-dispersed powders has been developed.
The project named “Mechanochemical preparation of ultra-dispersed metals and precious metals” took the 3rd place on the Demo Day of the corporate accelerator Mining & Metals in Krasnoyarsk. Krastsvetmet is interested in the technology and is discussing the procedure for its introduction into production.
— innovative project AGER for the creation of a system for the automation of geological exploration,


make it possible for subsoil users and service geological companies to efficiently collect, process, deliver and analyse primary geological information. The AGER system can be used at the stages of prospecting, exploration and exploitation of deposits. The management of mining projects receives a technical opportunity for operational management and control of exploration projects, including via online technologies. The development and implementation of this IT solution will also facilitate effective interaction with geological and drilling contractors. The system is able to save customers from 10 to 50 million rubles on one exploration project.
The team has already implemented a solution to automate the exploration stage of mining projects, it has been implemented by dozens of companies in Russia and abroad (e.g. Algeria, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, and Kazakhstan). In 2016, the project received a grant of 2,000,000 rubles under the Start Program of the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation.