The TechNet track aims to find the best solutions in advanced production technologies. Its far-reaching projects will get a chance to collaborate with representatives of the Technet NTI WG.

The corporate accelerator program is focused on specific goals set by Industrial partners. During the track best teams will pass training and preparation which will allow them to present their project with maximum effectiveness to track partners and companies included in Technet NTI workgroup.

Acceleration program consists of three internal parts:

1. Starting training is carried out immediately after track BootCamp in order to reveal AP participants'' weak spots, set goals and objectives for each projects, introduce a common project management standard, distribute participants between trackers and mentors and study theoretical materials necessary for further participants' work.
Venue: Skolkovo Innovation center, Moscow.

2. Industrial partner-based probation is working with Industrial partner's experts aimed for building of partnership with industrial consumers of one's designs, understanding of specifics of technologies adaptation in advanced high-technology production, working out of project development plan in cooperation with track partners'' specialists.
Venue: NPO Saturn, Rybinsk.

3. The final block of the program has a practice-oriented nature aimed for working out of weak spots in business part of the project, skills development for communication setting between start-ups and corporations, preparation of presentation and development of presentation skills, searching for potential investors and participants preparation for Demo Day.In addition, and transfer to industry of advanced manufacturing technologies, participants will familiarize themselves with issues concerning design, development, bionic design, computer and supercomputer engineering technologies, and evaluate a necessity of these capabilities application for their projects development.
Venue: Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies SPbSTU, г. St. Petersburg.

Between internal parts of AP Track participants will perform their work online under the leadership of personal trackers according to individual working plans.

How to apply:

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Apply in personal account
So Organizer track
Technet is a workgroup of cross-market and cross-industry direction providing technological support of NTI market development owing to formation of Digital, Smart, VirtualFactoriesoftheFuture.
Industrial partner
Saturn Scientific and Production Association is an engine construction company specializing in design, manufacture and service of gas-turbine engines for the military and civil aviation, ships, navy, power generation and gas pumping units.