More than 1000 startups applied for participation in GenerationS-2017

More than 1,000 teams from 85 cities and towns of Russia have already applied for participation in GenerationS, the largest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, run by RVC. In 2017, the accelerator is planning to consider a total of more than three thousand projects. Registration will be completed on October 31, 2017.

Gathering of applications and startup training is carried out in seven industry-specific tracks. Creative turned out to be the most popular of them which is intended for projects in the field of fashion, media and design. About one-third of the total startups’ number have applied for participation in this track. The second place goes to the AgroMedTech track intended for developments in the field of biomedicine, high technology to enhance efficiency of agriculture, as well as to create "new food". The list of leaders also includes TechNet track aimed at finding solutions in the field of advanced production technologies. The top three cities with the largest number of applications were Moscow (31%), Ulyanovsk (9%) and Irkutsk (8%). More than 40% of projects that submitted applications for participation in GenerationS-2017 are at the concept stage, 26% of start-ups have developed a prototype and 9% are at the pilot project stage.

“GenerationS is one of RVC’s key tools in building the regional innovation ecosystem. With the help of the accelerator, RVC established and disseminates the standards of running educational programs in the regions, helps start-up schools to build up their competencies. The accelerator partners carry out their activities throughout Russia, supporting new technology entrepreneurs in the development of their projects. Every year, the growth of regional activity is reflected on the statistics of applications received by GenerationS. This year we expect that at least 65% of  start-ups will come from up-country regions", remarked Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO and Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development at RVC.

GenerationS-2017 selects start-ups in the field of agriculture and medicines (Agro & MedTech); new media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); power engineering (Power & Energy); banking and financial services (FinTech); metals processing, mining machinery and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); smart production and systems implementation (TechNet); double-purpose projects (Dual Technologies).

Projects are selected for the benefit of partner companies which are potential customers of the products. The companies as follows have already become partners of GenerationS-2017: PJSC “Vympelcom”, PJSC “ODK-Saturn”, EFKO Group, Faberlic, “STS Media”, NMGK Group, RT “Business Development”, "Voentelecom" JSC, "Roselectronica" JSC.

The federal final of GenerationS will be held in April 2018. Winners will share the prize fund of RUB 15 mln, receive prizes from partners, and will also have an opportunity to continue working with industrial partners and attract investments for the development and finalization of their products.

Information about the forthcoming events held by the regional partners can be found in the Calendar on GenerationS website. To become a participant of GenerationS-2017, follow the link to register.

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