GenerationS-2017 accelerator has launched a special nomination, Neuronet NTI

A special nomination has been established by GenerationS, the largest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe run by RVC, for projects in the fields of neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of things and virtual reality. The project which wins in the nomination will be considered by NeuroNet Working Group of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) to be included in the NTI roadmap.

Start-ups with development as follows are admitted to participation in the nomination: diagnostics and treatment of neurological disorders (“NeuroPharma”); mechanisms for supporting impaired motor functions using neuro management (“NeuroMedtechnika”); increase in training efficiency through individualization of the learning process and use of virtual and augmented reality (“NeuroEducation”); monitoring and analysis of human behavior for marketing research (“NeuroCommunications and Marketing”); improvement of athletic training and central nervous system resources, brain fitness (“NeuroEntertainment and Sports”); methods of interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (“NeuroAssistants”); and also separate components of neurotechnologies – improvement of human-machine interaction, interaction between people, support of human intellectual activity.

"There is a growing demand for neurotechnology from the society, state and businesses. Over the coming few years, it will affect many areas of human life, will be actively used in medicine and education, marketing, sports, and in "smart home" systems. As part of special nomination Neuronet NTI, GenerationS will select promising neuro start-ups that will be given an opportunity to be included in the roadmaps of the market development,” commented Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO and Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development at RVC.

“Neuronet Industry Union, whose strategic goal is the development of the Russian market of neurotechnologies, supports GenerationS accelerator since the emerging Russian NeuroNet market needs a large number of new innovative projects which may become powerful high-tech companies in the future,” said Alexander Semenov, Executive Director of Neuronet Industry Union.

The main criteria for the selection of participants in the special nomination include the product's conformity to the specialist areas of NeuroNet NTI, presence of an innovative component, project's orientation to the international market, a sound commercialization plan, technological feasibility and presence of a competent team.

In 2017, GenerationS, the largest accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, selects and accelerates startups in seven areas: increase in efficiency of agriculture and solutions in the field of new medicines (Agro & MedTech); new media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); power engineering (Power & Energy); banking and financial services (FinTech); metals processing, mining machinery and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); smart production and systems implementation (TechNet); civil technologies with prospects for the production of weapons, military and special equipment (Dual Technologies).

The entire list of tracks for applications can be found on GenerationS website. To become a participant of GenerationS-2017, follow the link to register. Applications for participation in the accelerator have to be submitted before October 31, 2017.

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