Graduates of GenerationS rank among the first projects of NTI factory in the Novgorod Oblast

A working group, including representatives of the NTI Project Office, Administration and public authorities of the Novgorod Oblast, NTI road-maps' companies and technology entrepreneurs, will be created to hold pilot testing of projects of the National Technology Initiative in the Novgorod Oblast. The working group will develop within three month a list of NTI projects, which will be test-piloted with due regard to the region needs. This agreement was signed by Governor of Novgorod Oblast Andrey Nikitin and General Director of the Russian Venture Company Alexander Povalko at the Open Innovations Forum.

A working group, including representatives of the NTI Project Office, the Administration and public authorities of the Novgorod Region, NTI road-maps' companies and technology private, will be in charge of pilot-testing the projects of the National Technological Initiative in the Novgorod region, Within three month the working group is to develop a list of NTI projects, which will be test-piloted with due regard to the needs of the region. The agreement was signed by Novgorod Region Governor Andrei Nikitin and Director General of the Russian Venture Company Alexander Povalko at the Open Innovations Forum.

"Our region has been chosen for pilot development and implementation of NTI projects. In other words, the most advanced technologies developed in our country will be tested in our region. Over the next three months, together with RVC, we will select these projects to be implemented in the Novgorod Oblast," said Andrey Nikitin, the Governor of the Novgorod Oblast.

The working group will cooperate to identify any administrative barriers hindering the process and mechanisms to improve regulatory framework for bringing NTI products to the market, to test new technologies in order to check their technological and functional characteristics as well as to develop a system for evaluating efficiency of such solutions and product scaling opportunities.

«We will join efforts with the Government of the Novgorod Oblast to remove administrative barriers preventing NTI projects from entering the market, focus on experimenting with renewed legal framework in the region. We also plan to create conditions for the signing of agreements with the region's economic entities and agreements on public-private partnerships and investment contracts. We will work on the pilot application of NTI projects, and provide expert and analytical support for their implementation as well as their promotion. We have already compiled road maps to test-pilot the first five projects. Some of them were developed by graduates of GenerationS and are included in the NTI road maps and now, thanks to cooperation with the Government of the Novgorod Oblast, will receive another powerful boost for their advanced products," said Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC.

The first pilot projects include Aeronet, Healthnet, Neuronet and Energynet market solutions, some of them come graduates of GenerationS startup accelerator organized by RVC:

  1. Remote monitoring of chronic non-communicable diseases  - a suite consisting of personal telemedicine devices, medical decision support systems and data analysis service for continuous monitoring of patients, remote communication of patient's condition to the doctor and remote clinical treatment prescription;
  2. Neuro-design kit "Young Neuromodelist" – an educational designer kit to explore human bio-neurosignals (muscle activity, pulse and skin resistance modules, brain activity modules);
  3. UAV training designer kit is a modular unmanned aerial system designer kit, which comprises educational booths and teaching materials for teachers at schools, colleges, youth creativity centres and supplementary education institutions for children.
  4. Digital simulator of a typical region - unmanned aerial survey systems, photogrammetric software and software for visualization and analysis of aerial photography data;
  5.  SleepAlert driver maintenance system  - neural interface to control driver wake-up;
  6. Digital power distribution zone is a scalable business model of a grid operator that surpasses its counterparts in the United States, Europe and Asia by at least 25% in terms of aggregate technical and economic indicators.

The agreement is implemented bason the recommendation of the Presidium of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia, which is responsible for pilot testing of projects to be implemented under action plans pursuant to the protocol No. 3 dated July 18, 2017.

GenerationS-2017 selects start-ups in the field of agriculture and medicine (Agro&MedTech); new media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); power engineering (Power & Energy); banking and financial services (FinTech); metals processing, mining machinery and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); smart production and systems implementation (TechNet); dual-purpose projects (Dual Technologies). Start-ups can also take part in special nominations organized by working groups of NTI's Marinet, Healthnet and Neuronet markets.

Projects are selected for the benefit of partner companies which act as potential customers of products and organizers of acceleration programs. PJSC “Vympelcom”, PJSC “ODK-Saturn”, EFKO Group, Faberlic, “STS Media”, NMGK Group, RT “Business Development”, JSC "Voentelecom", JSC "Roselectronica" have already become partners of GenerationS-2017.

A full list of tracks for applications can be found on GenerationS website. To become a member of GenerationS-2017, you need to register following the link.