Over 200 applications have been submitted to Dual Technologies, the track of GenerationS

More than 200 project teams from 52 cities applied for participation in the largest start-up accelerator GenerationS in Russia and Eastern Europe. An exclusive license to launch the track is owned by Infrafund RVC, LLC.

More than 200 project teams from 52 cities applied for participation in the largest start-up accelerator GenerationS in Russia and Eastern Europe. An exclusive license to launch the track is owned by Infrafund RVC, LLC.

The majority of applications came from teams based in Moscow (77), St. Petersburg (13) and Yekaterinburg (13) and Tomsk (11). The most popular areas of the Dual Technologies track are: new production technologies, sensorics and components of robotics, artificial intelligence; new and portable energy sources, big data, wireless technologies, neuro technology, VR and AR.

As many as 35% of start-ups produced a prototype, 31% — are at the concept stage, 21% — completed research and development, 8% — launched a pilot production, and 6% started to sell. Most project teams (20%) have three participants, 16% — four participants. The teams of 10% of start-ups who submitted applications include ten or more participants.

"Due to the interaction with Infrafund, RVC GenerationS received an opportunity to broadcast advantages of the Open Innovation model to enterprises in the defence industry, which previously were considered the most closed and conservative in terms of using external developments. The number and quality of projects that have applied to participate in the accelerator, indicates a significant potential for innovative development in this area,” noted the head of the GenerationS accelerator Ekaterina Petrova.
"In 2017, many vertically integrated structures of the military-industrial complex began to build a new project management system in the production of civilian products. Divisions have been created to determine commercial prospects, technical and organizational feasibility of projects, commented the chief operating officer of RVC subsidiaries Vladislav Fedotov. “The investment attractiveness of start-ups selected for RVC Infrafund is a significant measure of commercial relevance. It is important for us to ensure development of projects in accordance with the investment and strategic interests of the track partners and other large enterprises of the military industrial complex. In turn, for start-ups — this is a unique opportunity to interact with major industrial partners."

The list of participants of the accelerated track program will be composed based on the results of on-site selection of projects (Bootcamp) in February 2018. The selected start-ups will take part in the accelerating program which will be as framework to finalize their decisions. The best projects will be able to attract investments from partners as well as enter portfolio companies of RVC subsidiary funds. 

The Dual Technologies track is conducted in cooperation with the industrial partner of Voentelecom JSC, the track's partner is RosElectronics JSC and the nomination partner ― Aviation Complex named after S. V. Ilyushin PJSC. PAGE. W. Ilyushin. The infrastructure partners within the frameworks of the track have become leading Russian Higher Educational Institutions: Lomonosov's Moscow State University (MSU), MTU MIREA, TSU, Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President B.N. Yeltsin, South Ural State University.



GenerationS — the major start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, the federal corporate platform to develop acceleration tools. It has been held by RVC since 2013. Over 20 Russian companies, interested in selecting and accelerating start-ups, become industrial partners to GenerationS on an annual basis. As a result of the multi-stage examination, the GenerationS participants receive ample opportunities for business development and investment promotion as well as access to resources and infrastructure of accelerator partners. In 2017 alone, 3,470 applications from 13 countries were submitted to participate in GenerationS.


RVC is a governmental fund of funds, the Institute of Development  of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of RVC: stimulate creation of Russia's own venture capital industry and execute functions of the Project Office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion roubles. One hundred per cent of the RVC capital belongs to the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property of the Russian Federation (Federal Property Management Agency). The total number of funds formed by RVC has reached 26, their total size is 35.1 billion rubles. The share of RVC is 22.5 billion rubles. The number of innovative companies approved for investment by RVC funds has reached 217. The total amount of monetary funds approved for investment is 17.1 billion rubles.

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RVC Infrafund", being the managing company of "Seed Fund", "Civil Technologies OPK" (GT OPK) fund and "RVC Biofund" is a subsidiary fund of RVC Joint-Stock Company. Development of the system of RVC subsidiary funds is aimed at creation of the efficient mechanism of investments in the companies created and developed on NTI markets and according to its purposes and priorities. The total amount of RVC subsidiary funds is equal to 4.382 billion rubles. Total portfolio consists of 111 companies.


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