Infrastructure partners

Technopark “Ankudinovka” — governmental organization of a high-tech- and innovative- business support in Nizhny Novgorod region. The technopark is a complex ecosystem. It includes:
— Privileged office rent;
— Free educational courses;
— Organization of events;
— Search of investments;
— Project management;
— Graphic design.
Technopark “Ankudinovka’’ is regional representative of the Innovation Promotion Fund. 

Bioinformatics Institute is the first non-governmental non-commercial Bioinformatics research and educational institution in Russia. Our mission is to educate new generation of highly qualified specialists in the field of Bioinformatics and popularize Bioinformatics in Russia.  

Agroincubator - ecosystem for launching, supporting and developing farm projects.
The Agroincubator platform initiates and integrates agricultural, consumer and production cooperatives around the world and becomes the basis for sustainable future agriculture, capable of meeting the needs of the growing population of the Earth.

Preclinical Study Centre LLC, an independent hybrid CRO wich acts as managing company of “Pharma Valley” GLP OECD grade biotechnological cluster specialized on conducting a full cycle of pharmacological development, manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies of biotechnological, biosimilar and generic medicines.
Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy is one of the most reputed agrarian universities in Russia with has a 100-year history. It prepares specialists for agriculture, processing industry and forestry. The teaching process is organized in accordance with the best international and russian traditions. It provides training for specialists which are in demand in the modern agricultural labor market. Scientific elaboration of the Academy creates the innovative platform for a new model of agricultural development.
Technological Platform «Bioindustry and Bioresources» is a key expert organization in biotechnology sector in Russia. It aims to mobilize the research, technological development and innovation efforts in Russia and to bring together key stakeholders around a common vision for the development of the technologies and issues around bioindustry and bioresourses. The main purpose of TP BioTech2030 is creation modern bioindustry which will provide contribution to GDP comparable to the world’s leading economies (up 3%).
Бизнес-инкубатор «55Startups»
The Innovative University of Eurasia is one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Innovative University of Eurasia is among Kazakhstan top ten universities in different league tables: it has 2 stars in QS ranking (2014 – 2015); it maintained A level in ARES ranking (European scientific society) 2014) and it is certified by IES (international educational society) international agency (2014). Innovative University of Eurasia entered the TOP-200 QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings. University is also famous among employers and thus it is reported as “Best employer company” according to General Kazakhstan Senim rating (2014). Pavlodar Regional Scientific and Technological Center was established on the basis of the Innovative University of Eurasia, in order to support the industrial-innovative development of the Pavlodar region. It is a diversified enterprise that provides a wide range of services for users of its services, businesses, investors.

LomonosovMoscow State University Business School (Lomonosov MSUBS) is one of the top Russian business schools. According to Eduniversal Ranking, MSUBS is one of the 100 best business schools in the world with  strong global influence. MSUBS offers Bachelor, MSc in International Business and Strategy, MBA and Executive MBA, as well as short-term executive programmes. Lomonosov MSUBS constantly expands the number of its corporate partners (150+), in cooperation with which it provides the most contemporary knowledge and professional experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

V.I.Vernadsky Crimean Federal University - is the largest scientific and educational center of the Republic of Crimea. The university has a hundred-year history, it was reestablished in 2014 in accordance with the decree of the Russian Federation Government by August 4, 2014 No. 1465-r, when was uniting leading educational and scientific organizations of the Crimea. Today V.I. Vernadsky СFU combines classical university traditions and the created modern complex of innovative infrastructure, develops fundamental and applied scientific research. The university possesses unique scientific equipment, graduated highly qualified specialists and scientific employees in various fields of knowledge.
Centre for development and entrepreneurship support is the only multidisciplinary organization in St. petersburg which can offer any entrepreneur consultations about business FAQ, to get training and receive targeted assistance, also find new partners and customers.
— Government support,
— Subsidies
— Financing,
— Subcontracting,
— Industrial cooperation
— Export,
— Certification,
— Exchange controls
— Translations,
— Protection of intellectual property
The Center for Cluster Development of the Penza Region since 2011 has been providing state support to enterprises of the region's clusters and joint projects aimed at their technological development and promotion to new markets. The instrument cluster "Safety" is supported in the Penza region, the biomedical cluster "Biomed", the cluster "Union of Penza confectioners", the cluster of light industry "Legprom".
"Fiztehpark" is a high technologies techmopark created with the support of the Ministry of Communications of the RF and the Government of Moscow aimed at helping young companies to take the first steps in the market of technological entrepreneurship. The main task of "Fiztehpark" is the aggregation and commercialization of high-tech projects and ensuring the implementation of a full cycle of development of innovative companies.
The activity of the technopark is aimed at developing the culture of high-tech entrepreneurship in Russia by merging the intellectual potential of students and graduates of the leading universities of the country and investment resources of resident companies. Technopark is created to accelerate the development of the information technology industry and increase the number of IT companies in the capital's economy.
Since 15 years, NUMA accelerates startups, supports corporates and public institutions in their innovative projects and hosts hundreds of events on various topics about tomorrow’s world.
NUMA brings together under one umbrella synergetic activities: coworking, start-up acceleration, community outreach and open innovation programs.
GoTech helps corporations find new technologies and solutions, and start-ups to find resources for development and access to the international market. The structure of GoTech includes the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe technology projects competition, a forum on global business and technology, a platform for receiving and conducting expert examination of Startups AdvisoryBoard joint industry competitions and accelerating programs. More than 6,500 projects from 60 countries took part in the GoTech competition (until 2015 - Web Ready).
Chapay Hub, business incubator of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, was relaunched in 2017 as startups accelerator, ICO consultancy service, and open innovation gateway between corporations and the host university. Currently, Chapay Hub specializes in fintech, namely, on blockchain technologies, roboadvising and data analysis. Among its residents is 70! (data analysis tools for Bloomberg/Reuters), Dolphin BI (ICO business intelligence), Forseti (embedded modules for decentralized systems), and (blockchain platform for hedging crypto-currency risks).
Omsk Regional Business Incubator is a center for institutional development of small business, specializing in creating favorable conditions for the emergence and operation of small businesses, including innovative ones.
This is achieved by the following activities:
- Stimulating people to create small businesses;
- Development of new business projects;
- Provide comfortable conditions for the creation and development of small businesses; - The provision of logistics, information, consulting, educational and other necessary services on preferential terms or free of charge.

High Technology Park IT Park is a unique site for the development of the IT and communication industry. The technical and business infrastructure of the IT Park in Kazan and Nabereznye Chelny creates an ecosystem for comprehensive development and support of startup projects and IT companies at all development stages: from idea to implementation of a high-tech and product on the market. The IT Park infrastructure includes data center, business incubator, IT development center, intellectual property center, IT Academy, coworking, IT hotel, conference services, and modern facilities for residents.
Southern Federal University is the biggest research and educational centre in the South of Russia. University has a centenary history, many outstanding researchers have worked and are working here.
Today SFedU combines traditions of a classical university with innovative infrastructure, develops fundamental and applied research. The University is a member of the international educational and research networks, it has a unique research equipment, and trains highly qualified specialists and researchers.
The project is supported by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and the Government of Sverdlovsk region.
Our mission: Development of research and technological innovation potential of Ural Federal District for its economic and social growth.
Our objectives: Creating new innovation workplaces, creating conditions for regional marketability and investment attractiveness growth.
The scientific activity of the staff of the Vyatka State Agricultural Academy is aimed at solving urgent problems of the agro-industrial complex. Employees of the Academy make scientific research in all strategic fields of agrarian science: veterinary medicine, biology, agriculture, animal husbandry, improving the production, evaluation, storage and processing of agricultural products, agricultural mechanization, and economics.
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" is one of the largest technical universities of Russia. Founded in 1930, it provides the specialist's training and scientific research in the field of energetic, electrical engineering, radio electronics, computer engineering.
MPEI partners in science and education include about 140 foreign universities. At present about 900 foreign students from 60 countries are trained at MPEI.
The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) was founded in May 2003, under the aegis of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST), the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

RCTT’s PRIMARY GOAL is to facilitate transfer of technologies developed in Belarus and abroad for sustained growth of the country’s economy and increase the competitiveness of Belarusian industry and agriculture, methodical management of technology transfer centers in the country.

RCTT is a consortium that includes:

— the headquarters in Minsk;

— 5 regional offices and 30 branch offices at research organizations, institutes, universities, enterprises across Belarus;

— 86 foreign partners in 23 countries.
South Ural State University (National Research University) is one of the largest educational institutions in Russia. 32 000 students study at SUSU, including 2000 foreign students from 48 countries. It is a multidisciplinary university that integrates the studying process with cutting-edge smart technology. On the basis of SUSU there are 29 RECs and laboratories, as well as 8 international scientific laboratories under the leadership of the world's leading scientists. In 2015 SUSU became a participant of Project 5-100.
Municipal Budget Institution "Technopark-Lipetsk"
Technopark is located in an investment-attractive area, where there is a favorable business climate supporting business interests, combined with an extensive transportation infrastructure, a plentiful labor market, and the possibility of providing benefits to residents. The special economic zone of the regional level of the technical-innovative type "Lipetsk-Technopolus" creates here a unique place for the conduct and prosperity of business.
"Zhiguli valley" technoparkin the sphere of high technologies in Togliatti city is among 12 science and technology parks in the sphere of the high technologies in Russia implemented within the comprehensive program "Creation of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies in the Russian Federation" approved by the order of the Russian Federation Government on March 10, 2006 No. 328-r.

The Mission of Belgorod State National Research University is to solve research problems of the international and national scale and, harmoniously integrating the educational, research, social and cultural functions of the University, to train highly qualified professionals capable of ensuring the competitiveness of Russia and Belgorod region on the global socioeconomic arena, preserving and developing the cultural and moral legacy of the country and the region.
— 54 scientific directions of basic and applied research:
— 24 for social and humanitarian specialties
— 30 for technical and natural scientific specialties
— 2 officially registered science schools
— 55 research centers and laboratories
— 3 common use centers of high-tech scientific equipment
— 41 research, scientific and educational centers;
— BSU Technological Cluster “High Technologies” with a business incubator

Business incubator is a structural subdivision of the Russian Economic University Plekhanov, whose main task is to support start-up entrepreneurs - students of the University.
Бизнес-инкубатор ОГУ им. Тургенева
Mission of the Business Incubator: the formation of an entrepreneurial environment conducive to the creation of new competitive enterprises, the professional development of students, graduate students and targeted training of specialists for the enterprises of the region.
The business incubator "Ingria" started in 2008 as a "pilot project", and became one of the most famous and successful business incubators in Russia. During this time, the residents of the business incubator attracted more than 2.1 billion rubles in investment and raised more than 2.7 billion rubles in revenue. More than 400 young companies have helped the business incubator.
A developed partner network, support from the city, a lot of its own educational and information activities, effective consultations, marketing support, innovative infrastructure - all this makes it possible to turn development into a full-fledged product, attract partners and investors, launch sales, enter international markets.
Today Navigator \ campus is one of the most modern technological areas of Tatarstan and comfortable coworking, which unites developers, multipliers, designers, robot makers and other creative people.
Our mission is to create excellent conditions for production people who create a high-quality product and develop the technological branch of our country.
We make the component base more accessible, create an online robotics store, and place the warehouse right on the campus so that delivery across Russia is possible within a couple of days. The cost of components for tenants will be reduced almost to the cost price.
We speed up the prototyping, we have a laser cutting machine, 3D printers of ABS FDM (Replicator, Up !, our own Nova3 development), 3D photopolymer printers (Form, our own development), 3D scanner (SMIT), SMT-packer and heap tools. At the campus, the angel fund "Navigator Fund" operates.
The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University mission is to represent and transfer best Russian practices of education, research and culture to Europe, and to increase international competitiveness of the Kaliningrad region by building up intellectual, scientific and technological capacity to transform the region’s economic and social life.

To carry out this mission, the University will become a center of world-class education and research, a source of innovations for the Russian Federation and Baltic macroregion.
NPP “URCID in Rostov Region” main objective is to ensure effective interaction of all participants of innovative processes, including the subjects of innovation activity, members of territorial clusters, universities, scientific institution, non-profit and public organizations, state authorities and local governments, investors, innovators, inventors
The founders of a URCID is the Department of investment and entrepreneurship, and leading regional Universities: SFEDU, DSTU, Platov`s SRSPU (NPI)
We at the Association of Innovation and Technology Brokers (ABIT Russia) concentrate our efforts on seamless technology transfer across the borders and regardless of political circumstances. We sincerely believe that global scale exchange of ideas, business models and investments in technology related entrepreneurship benefits all the countries involved.
The National University of Science and Technology MISIS is one of Russia’s most dynamically developing centers for research and education. Being among the leaders of technology education in Russia, NUST MISIS is also a large research center. In 2015 NUST MISIS entered The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and strengthened its position in the QS World University Rankings. In 2016, NUST MISIS was the only Russian university to enter the Times Higher Education: World’s Best Small Universities Ranking, and also continued to climb in the QS regional rankings.
NBAA is a Russia-wide trade association for business-angels, seed funds, and other early stage VC market players. NBAA was created in 2009 by 4 major national angel groups. By now its membership base consists of 17 full and 4 associated members, representing some 85% of the organized part of the Russian early stage VC market. In early 2011 NBAA joined EBAN as a Russian member federation of business-angels, seed funds, and other early stage market players. In 2015 NBAA joined The Global Business Angels Network (GBAN) as a founding member.
The Moscow Technological Institute was founded by the Government of the Russian Federation and UN structural divisions, UNESCO and UNIDO, as one of common projects aimed at modernization of the Russian education system in 1997.
MTI provides education in much-needed technical fields, combining traditions of academic education and new technologies of distance education. With Online programs students may listen to lectures and watch webinars at any time they like with no need to leave their work. The Institute provides opportunities for continuous development with various programs from bachelor’s degree to MBA.
Different formats of education are also available to students: distance, intramural and combined intramural-distance education. The students are free to choose their own schedule depending on place of their living and the amount of time they are ready to dedicate to education.
MTI students and graduates are employed by Top-500 largest companies in Russia, including Sberbank of Russia, LUKOIL, and Gazprom.

Innovation center «MOZGOVO» is the structure of support for innovation and entrepreneurship of the Perm State University (PSU). The Center creates conditions for the transformation of knowledge into a benefit.
With its help, business incubation of youth start-ups takes place; the activities of university innovative companies are supported: legal and competitive support is provided, the search for customers and investors is conducted; intellectual property protection is ensured: patents, certificates and know-how are registered; congress and exhibition activities on innovative topics are organized.
The Innovation Center provides an opportunity to open a new business, to become an investor or mentor for start-ups, to give leading lectures and master classes about its «success stories» in business.
The scope of activity of «MOZGOVO» includes innovative enterprises, youth start-ups, intellectual products (inventions, utility models, computer programs, databases).

MIET is an advanced university of Russia in microelectronics, nanotechnology in electronics, information and telecommunication technologies, fundamental sciences as well as in economics, graphic design and linguistics. MIET is among the universities promoting best innovative educational programs. MIET works not only as the center of scientific and innovative activities but also as the center of social and sport life. It has a concert hall, a dormitory and a modern sport complex with the swimming pool and the stadium.

The Moscow Technological Institute was founded by the Government of the Russian Federation and UN structural divisions, UNESCO and UNIDO, as one of common projects aimed at modernization of the Russian education system in 1997. MTI provides education in much-needed technical fields, combining traditions of academic education and new technologies of distance education. With Online programs students may listen to lectures and watch webinars at any time they like with no need to leave their work. The Institute provides opportunities for continuous development with various programs from bachelor’s degree to MBA. Different formats of education are also available to students: distance, intramural and combined intramural-distance education. The students are free to choose their own schedule depending on place of their living and the amount of time they are ready to dedicate to education. MTI students and graduates are employed by Top-500 largest companies in Russia, including Sberbank of Russia, LUKOIL, and Gazprom.
Kama cluster today — a modern petrochemical, refineries in Nizhnekamsk, automotive and Car Components production in Naberezhnye Chelny, which are known both in the domestic and global markets, as well as scientific and educational complex, represented by two national research and one of the federal universities, industry and research centers, which provide companies with qualified personnel and cutting-edge innovation in the field of chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering.
Innovative territorial aerospace cluster of Samara region (ITAC SR) was founded in 2012 as one of the top 25 pilot cluster projects in Russia, and encompasses leading manufacturing and research institutions in rocket, space systems, engine and aircraft engineering industries. The concentration of all production cycle steps in one region gives the cluster infrastructural and research advantages, and makes it unique in airspace market.
TechnoPark in Lipetsk is a scientific industrial center, which makes conditions to commercialize knowledge and technologies. They help scientists, engineers, constructors and businessmen with participants of Techno Park’s structure make competitive scientific projects in priority spheres.
Business incubator IMPULSE is a place for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. We have a successful experience and competences to turn an idea into an ongoing business. We provide our residents and start-ups with necessary training and mentoring. To help them find invsetments and improve their products and services we also hold regular meetings with investors.
Investment Development Agency of The Irkutsk Region is an autonomous non-commercial organization which was established specifically to find and attract investments to economy of the region. As for main functions, the agency works as a special service, a single-window system that helps investors and project initiators and follows the project from very beginning with a business plan till the successful implementation and realization. Moreover the agency helps international producers to join The Irkutsk region market and also agency is in charge of searching the investors and investments for the local project and businesses.
One of the regional basic universities. The Vyatka State University has a 9 institute which combine 75 academic department, branches and the distance learning center. More than 25000 students are studying for 96 specialties and 159 profile of specialization. The number of scientifically-pedagogical employees is about 1000 people, of which 150 have a doctor of science and professor degree, more than 600 candidates of science and associate professor. The university has postgraduate and doctoral studies.

MAU "Borsky Business Incubator" is an organization engaged in supporting start-up projects of young entrepreneurs at all stages of development — from the development of the idea to its commercialization. The organization provides rent of premises and providing consulting, accounting and legal services.
Main goals.
— Improving the starting conditions for creating a business by providing office space equipped with furniture and computer equipment for entrepreneurial activities on preferential fixed terms from 12 to 36 months;
— Protection of small businesses from the negative impact of the external environment of entrepreneurship. Providing the possibility of concentrating business on production and economic activities;
— Organization of all consulting services in a single complex: legal, audit, accounting and marketing;
— Organization of the exchange of experience between enterprises, accumulation, generalization and assistance in the application of new management methods;
— Ensuring direct communications between small businesses and state authorities and local governments.

Siberian Federal University
One can hardly find a place in Russia with such an impressive number of implemented national projects as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Our most focused “development points” have been determined in industry, power engineering and energy, research and education. Siberian Federal University, as a response to regional developmental challenges, was established in 2006 to train highly qualified specialists capable of working in any region of our country, including severe conditions of the Northern areas.
The University was founded by merging 5 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Among the members of the University Board of Trustees there are representatives of large companies, politicians and scientists. The Chairman of the Board is Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia.

TSU is the oldest university in the Russian Asia, in Siberia, that was founded in 1878 in Tomsk, Russia. 
It was the First Siberian Imperial University.
You can get some additional information about TSU here.

MBU Center for Innovations implements a set of measures aimed at training first-time entrepreneurs, advanced training of entrepreneurs. Also, the MBU Center for Innovations conducts individual and group consultations on topical business issues.
Michurinsk State Agrarian University is one of the oldest higher educational institutions of the agrarian profile of Russia. Michurinsk State Agrarian University is a multi-level center of scientific and educational, teaching and innovative activity in the Science-Town of Michurinsk and Tambov region. The University is engaged in fundamental and applied research in the field of selection of fruit and berry crops, delicate horticulture and vegetable growing, ecology and plant protection. It carries out development of innovative technologies of agricultural production and functional nutrition products. Michurinsk State Agrarian University provides training of highly competitive specialists for scientific, industrial, social, educational and business sphere of the agro-industrial complex of Russia on a broad spectrum of training areas.
RUDN University is a world-class university. It is a Russian leader in international education: 7500 international students from 154 countries study here. 450 programs are taught at 17 faculties, many of them - in English. Ranked by THE as TOP 300+ universities in Europe; QS ranks RUDN as TOP 501-550 and gave 5 stars in 5 categories at “QS Stars”. RUDN Campus is the best in Russia. Our Mission: "" Uniting people of different cultures by knowledge RUDN University creates leaders to make the World better"".
Discover the World in One University!
Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, founded in 1804, is one of ten Russian federal universities. High-tech Business Accelerator has been functioning on the basis of KFU Department of Innovation and Development since 2015. Programs “School of Young Innovator” and “School of Innovation Start-Ups” are implemented within the framework of the Accelerator. In 2018 the Russian program “KFU MedTech” in the area of biotechnologies and medicine projects is to be set up on the basis of KFU Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, which incorporates sixty subdivisions (departments, OPENLabs, academic and research centers, a clinical site in the Republican Clinical Hospital No 2, The Biomedical Center for Shared Facilities, a world-class Medical Simulation Center).
ITMO University’s Business Incubator. Founded in 2012, it helps startupers to create, develop and scale innovative companies: from idea to commercialization. Over the period of its existence, more than 2000 applications have been evaluated; more than 150 teams became graduates of accelerating programs. In 2016, it was recognized as the best among university incubators by the analytical company UBI Global. In 2017, The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) gave it the title of the best business incubator in the country for the largest number of successful projects in the IT and Internet segments.
NCFU - this institution is not only rated as one of the largest educational institutions of the region yet it also is a unique site for numerous scientific and innovation projects, the leading arena for intercultural dialogue both within the region and beyond.
Novosibirsk State Agrarian University - big scientific and research centre. It is widely popular in Russia and abroad. The university is aimed at satisfying population needs with delivering higher education and post-graduate education, research and science that contribute to agricultural production and agribusiness.
SWSU is a rapidly developing university which holds the leading position among Russia’s universities. There are 12,000 people who study in the university, more than 550 of them are international students from 87 countries. Students from all over the world come to SWSU for a 3-month or a 6-month courses to learn Russian language and its culture. Those who would like to get their degree in SWSU take a 1-year Preparatory Russian Language Program. The Program allows international students to adapt to a foreign culture, another educational environment and to find new friends.
Technopark in the sphere of high technologies “Zhiguli valley” is implemented as a part of the State Program “The establishment of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies in the Russian Federation”.
Technopark specialization is defined in accordance with key directions of the Russian economy modernization: Information and Telecommunication, TechnologiesTransport and Aero-Space Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Chemistry and Innovative Materials, Biotechnology and Medicine.
The team of Business Alliance LLC conducts scientific and technological projects until the desired stage and goals are achieved. The main mission of the company is the provision of technological brokerage services. (Company) helps to form sets of documents to receive subsidies, grants, investment support, negotiate with funds, technology enterprises, build relationships with customers and investors. The main advantage is the team's experience of working with university and non-university projects and understanding the differences between these projects and the features of establishing working process with them. In addition, the experience of organizing schools of technological entrepreneurship and accelerating programs is accumulated - 7-14 day intensities, which allow in a short time to form a set of competencies for successful work on a scientific and technological project and turn an idea or technology into a product in demand on the market.
The First Saint-Petersburg business incubator supports and facilitates development of the small innovation companies. It is a unique business, information and creative environment for successful development of innovative business of residents.
Nowadays RTTN, with its coordinating team based in Obninsk, is an association of over 50 Russian innovation centers from more than 40 regions of Russia and the CIS. Our member organisations are linked up through powerful databases, sharing their knowledge and sourcing technologies and business partners across Russia and abroad. RTTN aggregates information on technologies and R&D offered and requested in Russia and abroad and serves as an entry point for potential technological partners.

One of the top tier Russian universities, UNN is named after the founder of non-Euclidean geometry Nikolai Lobachevsky. In 2009, UNN was awarded the prestigious status of National Research University. UNN is actively involved in cooperation with foreign partners, as well as many global biggest high-tech companies. Supercomputer «Lobachevsky» installed at UNN on May 26, 2014 has ranked the 24th among the world’s university-based supercomputers, according to the Top-500 List of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

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