Infrastructure partners

TechnoPark in Lipetsk is a scientific industrial center, which makes conditions to commercialize knowledge and technologies. They help scientists, engineers, constructors and businessmen with participants of Techno Park’s structure make competitive scientific projects in priority spheres.
Business incubator IMPULSE is a place for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. We have a successful experience and competences to turn an idea into an ongoing business. We provide our residents and start-ups with necessary training and mentoring. To help them find invsetments and improve their products and services we also hold regular meetings with investors.
Investment Development Agency of The Irkutsk Region is an autonomous non-commercial organization which was established specifically to find and attract investments to economy of the region. As for main functions, the agency works as a special service, a single-window system that helps investors and project initiators and follows the project from very beginning with a business plan till the successful implementation and realization. Moreover the agency helps international producers to join The Irkutsk region market and also agency is in charge of searching the investors and investments for the local project and businesses.
One of the regional basic universities. The Vyatka State University has a 9 institute which combine 75 academic department, branches and the distance learning center. More than 25000 students are studying for 96 specialties and 159 profile of specialization. The number of scientifically-pedagogical employees is about 1000 people, of which 150 have a doctor of science and professor degree, more than 600 candidates of science and associate professor. The university has postgraduate and doctoral studies.

MAU "Borsky Business Incubator" is an organization engaged in supporting start-up projects of young entrepreneurs at all stages of development — from the development of the idea to its commercialization. The organization provides rent of premises and providing consulting, accounting and legal services.
Main goals.
— Improving the starting conditions for creating a business by providing office space equipped with furniture and computer equipment for entrepreneurial activities on preferential fixed terms from 12 to 36 months;
— Protection of small businesses from the negative impact of the external environment of entrepreneurship. Providing the possibility of concentrating business on production and economic activities;
— Organization of all consulting services in a single complex: legal, audit, accounting and marketing;
— Organization of the exchange of experience between enterprises, accumulation, generalization and assistance in the application of new management methods;
— Ensuring direct communications between small businesses and state authorities and local governments.

Siberian Federal University
One can hardly find a place in Russia with such an impressive number of implemented national projects as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Our most focused “development points” have been determined in industry, power engineering and energy, research and education. Siberian Federal University, as a response to regional developmental challenges, was established in 2006 to train highly qualified specialists capable of working in any region of our country, including severe conditions of the Northern areas.
The University was founded by merging 5 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Among the members of the University Board of Trustees there are representatives of large companies, politicians and scientists. The Chairman of the Board is Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia.

TSU is the oldest university in the Russian Asia, in Siberia, that was founded in 1878 in Tomsk, Russia. 
It was the First Siberian Imperial University.
You can get some additional information about TSU here.

MBU Center for Innovations implements a set of measures aimed at training first-time entrepreneurs, advanced training of entrepreneurs. Also, the MBU Center for Innovations conducts individual and group consultations on topical business issues.
Michurinsk State Agrarian University is one of the oldest higher educational institutions of the agrarian profile of Russia. Michurinsk State Agrarian University is a multi-level center of scientific and educational, teaching and innovative activity in the Science-Town of Michurinsk and Tambov region. The University is engaged in fundamental and applied research in the field of selection of fruit and berry crops, delicate horticulture and vegetable growing, ecology and plant protection. It carries out development of innovative technologies of agricultural production and functional nutrition products. Michurinsk State Agrarian University provides training of highly competitive specialists for scientific, industrial, social, educational and business sphere of the agro-industrial complex of Russia on a broad spectrum of training areas.
RUDN University is a world-class university. It is a Russian leader in international education: 7500 international students from 154 countries study here. 450 programs are taught at 17 faculties, many of them - in English. Ranked by THE as TOP 300+ universities in Europe; QS ranks RUDN as TOP 501-550 and gave 5 stars in 5 categories at “QS Stars”. RUDN Campus is the best in Russia. Our Mission: "" Uniting people of different cultures by knowledge RUDN University creates leaders to make the World better"".
Discover the World in One University!
Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, founded in 1804, is one of ten Russian federal universities. High-tech Business Accelerator has been functioning on the basis of KFU Department of Innovation and Development since 2015. Programs “School of Young Innovator” and “School of Innovation Start-Ups” are implemented within the framework of the Accelerator. In 2018 the Russian program “KFU MedTech” in the area of biotechnologies and medicine projects is to be set up on the basis of KFU Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, which incorporates sixty subdivisions (departments, OPENLabs, academic and research centers, a clinical site in the Republican Clinical Hospital No 2, The Biomedical Center for Shared Facilities, a world-class Medical Simulation Center).
NCFU - this institution is not only rated as one of the largest educational institutions of the region yet it also is a unique site for numerous scientific and innovation projects, the leading arena for intercultural dialogue both within the region and beyond.
Novosibirsk State Agrarian University - big scientific and research centre. It is widely popular in Russia and abroad. The university is aimed at satisfying population needs with delivering higher education and post-graduate education, research and science that contribute to agricultural production and agribusiness.
SWSU is a rapidly developing university which holds the leading position among Russia’s universities. There are 12,000 people who study in the university, more than 550 of them are international students from 87 countries. Students from all over the world come to SWSU for a 3-month or a 6-month courses to learn Russian language and its culture. Those who would like to get their degree in SWSU take a 1-year Preparatory Russian Language Program. The Program allows international students to adapt to a foreign culture, another educational environment and to find new friends.
Technopark in the sphere of high technologies “Zhiguli valley” is implemented as a part of the State Program “The establishment of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies in the Russian Federation”.
Technopark specialization is defined in accordance with key directions of the Russian economy modernization: Information and Telecommunication, TechnologiesTransport and Aero-Space Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Chemistry and Innovative Materials, Biotechnology and Medicine.
The team of Business Alliance LLC conducts scientific and technological projects until the desired stage and goals are achieved. The main mission of the company is the provision of technological brokerage services. (Company) helps to form sets of documents to receive subsidies, grants, investment support, negotiate with funds, technology enterprises, build relationships with customers and investors. The main advantage is the team's experience of working with university and non-university projects and understanding the differences between these projects and the features of establishing working process with them. In addition, the experience of organizing schools of technological entrepreneurship and accelerating programs is accumulated - 7-14 day intensities, which allow in a short time to form a set of competencies for successful work on a scientific and technological project and turn an idea or technology into a product in demand on the market.
The First Saint-Petersburg business incubator supports and facilitates development of the small innovation companies. It is a unique business, information and creative environment for successful development of innovative business of residents.
Nowadays RTTN, with its coordinating team based in Obninsk, is an association of over 50 Russian innovation centers from more than 40 regions of Russia and the CIS. Our member organisations are linked up through powerful databases, sharing their knowledge and sourcing technologies and business partners across Russia and abroad. RTTN aggregates information on technologies and R&D offered and requested in Russia and abroad and serves as an entry point for potential technological partners.

One of the top tier Russian universities, UNN is named after the founder of non-Euclidean geometry Nikolai Lobachevsky. In 2009, UNN was awarded the prestigious status of National Research University. UNN is actively involved in cooperation with foreign partners, as well as many global biggest high-tech companies. Supercomputer «Lobachevsky» installed at UNN on May 26, 2014 has ranked the 24th among the world’s university-based supercomputers, according to the Top-500 List of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

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