Investment partners

Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company. Our business is built around exploration and development, the production and sale of oil and gas, and the refining and retailing of oil products.
Gazprom Neft’s corporate structure encompasses more than 70 exploration and production, refining, and retailing enterprises in Russia, the CIS and worldwide. 
The company processes about 70% of the produced oil, demonstrating the best ratio of production and processing in the industry.
Gazprom Neft is active in all of Russia’s major oil and gas regions, selling throughout the Russian Federation and exporting its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.
Gazprom Neft’s core strategic objective is to maintain its status as a leading international player, of Russian origin.
In 2017 the company is committed to modernization and digitalization of all stages of activity and introduction of technologies "Industries 4.0". Now Gazprom Neft is aimed at search of innovations for creating of the uniform digital platform.
To work with innovations in the field of logistics, processing and marketing, a special Center for Digital Innovations of Gazprom Neft was created, within the framework of which it is planned to unite the efforts of start-ups, development companies and the scientific community in search of solutions that can bring business efficiency to a qualitatively new level.

R&D Park is the first infrastructure in Russia for technology development and its transfer to industrial partners. Russia’s biggest precious metals refinery – Krastsvetmet is a core industrial partner of R&D Park.
R&D Park’s activity goes beyond precious metals field into the areas of new products and new businesses development helping Krastsvetmet to achieve its strategic goals. Industrial partners and members of R&D Park are involved in this activity, enhancing its output.
R&D Park members are provided with professional evaluation for their developments, opportunity to pilot-test their projects at the existing production, access to the newest laboratory equipment and precious metals for the research purposes. Financing opportunities are affordable through the established Krastsvetmet’s partner network.
"RT - Business Development" LLC offers professional asset management services targeting financial and industrial projects based on best global practices in the corporate management of investment projects.
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