Partners Preaccelerator 2016

Ассоциация Молодых Ученых «Агентство Развития Высоких Технологий»
Joint-stock Company Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation has been established by the Arkhangelsk Regional Government with a 100% state capital and an objective to facilitate the implementation of citizens’ initiatives aimed at increasing business and investment performance as well as social and economic development of the region. The Corporation is also an ad-hoc organization to attract investments to the Arkhangelsk region and provide complete integrated support to investors.

The center for entrepreneurship development of Moscow power engineering institute is the organization, in which students, employees and the friends to the Moscow power engineering institute, interested business and self-development can receive the necessary skills and knowledge for realization their projects.

Vologda Business incubator is an institution of infrastructure of support of subjects of small and medium enterprises of the Vologda region. The activities of the business incubator is aimed at finding and providing comprehensive support to startups and small and medium enterprises, assistance in the implementation of projects, training aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of business, provision of consulting services to entrepreneurs and promotion of business activities.

The regional center of engineering for small and medium-sized businesses of the Republic of Bashkortostan is an object of innovative infrastructure and infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The Center renders engineering-consulting, design and calculation and analytical services, engineering services in the field of biotechnology and agricultural chemistry on the basis of a complex of high-tech equipment.

Agency of innovative development of the Republic of Mordovia is one of the major institutions in the region for the support of innovative entrepreneurship. The Agency aims at the extensive support of innovative projects at early.
The priority area of the Agency:
— provision of assistance for innovative startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs);
— the search and involvement of the young hopefuls into the sphere of innovative ventures.

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