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FABRIKA Astrakhan technopark - the first private technopark in Russia, a portfolio company of RVC INFRAFUND. The leading regional IT companies are located in the technopark, service and consulting services are generated, joint projects are managed. LIFT business incubator is located at FABRIKA; it provides services related to selection, evaluation, expertise, acceleration of the technology start-ups.
At the FABRIKA venue, the events for technology entrepreneurs, students, start-ups and IT-community representatives (LIFTёрная Start-up school, OpenInnovations Startup Tour, Regional practice consulting session (RPCS), Business-breakfasts for IT company representatives with the governor, Meetings of programmers, Start-up kitchen for business angels, "Innovation without obstacles").
For the last year, the technopark was a co-organizer of the International Caspian technology forum "TechnoCaspian-2017" and "Social Business of South Russia".

TechCamp - Opportunity to streamline business-implementation of the technology innovation, research results and ideas. Participating in the TechCamp, you will get acquainted with the colleagues who also want to develop their projects, you will be able to exchange experience, find business partners, get technology expertise. TechCamp is also a regional application stage to the big federal accelerator for GenerationS technology teams.

A school of technology entrepreneurship INNOPORT is an official regional department of the GenerationS Pre-accelerator in the Ural federal district. The school is created together and based on the Innovation infrastructure of the Ural Federal University named after the first Russian Presedent B.N. Yeltsin.

Acceleration program "Tons of ideas at the seashore" is a regional qualification phase of the largest federal technology start-ups accelerator GenerationS. Our purpose is support of innovation and technology projects in Sochi and Krasnodar region. The "Tons of ideas at the seashore" accelerator is an educational program within which framework the entrepreneurs can get practical knowledge of how to transform the idea to successful business and attract investments to develop it. These are trainings and master-classes of business modelling, market analysis, team building, project packing, search for the customers and investors, financial modelling and marketing from the leading experts. Our graduates become residents of the Sochi innovation valley - of innovation cluster at the on the shore of Black See.

«Start-up business education» program in Kemerovo is aimed at provision of the young innovators with the competences necessary for business development in the field of commercialization of technologies and entrepreneurship activity, creation of conditions for intensive development of innovation projects.
Acceleration program consists of two interconnected components:
- extra-mural stage (selection of projects);
- theoretical part (project education);
- practical part (mentor part, expert part).
The mentors will be specialists and actual owners of the technology companies of the Siberian Federal district having practical experience in creation and development of the innovation projects. Within the framework of the program, the innovators will get an opportunity to communicate with the working investors, expert information support and access to the necessary infrastructure.

"TAIGA" Start-up school - initiators of creation of the acceleration program "TAIGA" start-up school are Irkutsk state university and "Siberian innovation company" LLC.
General partner of "TAIGA" start-up school id Russian Venture Company JSC and administration of Irkutsk. The purpose of the acceleration program of "TAIGA" start-up school is provision of the innovators with the competences necessary for business development in the field of commercialization of technologies and entrepreneurship activity.
The key purpose of the acceleration program is creation of conditions for intensive development of innovation projects. Within the framework of the acceleration program, the participants will get an opportunity to offer the projects to investors, they will be provided with the necessary infrastructure, expert and information support.

North Caucasian Federal District start-up school is an intensive acceleration program for innovation projects that will allow the participants to go through the idea stage to the stage of ready business model. Having formed the initial set of supposals and having got the necessary theoretical minimum, the project authors check their supposals working with the product and the consumers with guidance of the experiences mentors and experts.

"Growth Focus" program is designed for the entrepreneurs, scientists, students, representatives of the investment community. In 4 weeks, the participants will prepare and test the business model, define project target audience, check their supposals, calculate project economics, work on the sales channel and will be able to select a team for the project. The program will be conducted both on-site and in online mode.
At the end of the program, the selected start-ups will participate in the Demo Day where they will present their projects for judgement of the expert jury and investors.

StartUpAcademia mission is in assistance, from one side, to the teams and projects that have an idea but have no competence to "pack" their idea in the format understandable to the investment institutions and interested business structures that are in search for the innovation high technology solutions able to dramatically reduce expenses for the business product or lead it to the new quality level. If your team has the craziest ideas, but no one understands you, you need to think on what is the reason. May be you just couldn't deliver the advantages of practical integration of your idea to the potential consumer, or didn't address to the correct person at all? Then StartUpAcademia is the right choice for you!
This Program Aims to: Initialization of innovation and social development of the AIC region.
Goals: Activation of the innovation potential and exposure of the students and employees of the regional scientific organizations to the technological entrepreneurship; technology transfer; attraction of finance to the projects.

HSE{Pro}Fintech is an acceleration program of the Business incubator of Higher School of economics for the projects in the field of finance and block chain technologies. The program is designed for the technology companies specialized in development of financial technology products with the potential of global scaling. 

StartupLab is an educational venue at which everyone interested can get practical knowledge of how to start and develop their business, a real chance for beginning entrepreneurs to transform an idea to successful business.
They are master-classes from the experts in business modelling, market analysis, team building, project packing, search for customers and investors, financial modelling and marketing.

"Innovation guide" is the largest regional accelerator for innovation projects and technology start-ups, regional department of the federal technology start-up accelerator GenerationS. The accelerator interacts with more than 100 partners from all over the country including institutions of innovation development of Russia (Russian Venture Company, Internet Initiatives Development Fund, Skolkovo fund, Foundation for Assistance to Innovations), organizations of regional innovation infrastructure, venture funds and professional private investors, academic and information partners. More than 100 technology entrepreneurs and start-ups passed through acceleration in the program, more than 1000 people participated in various educational events. Acceleration program has module structure and includes a series of on-site events (seminars, master-classes, traction-meetings, meetups, consultations, and expert and mentor sessions), online events (webinars, Skype consultations) and individual work of the project teams with their trackers on the electronic platform of project development and education.

Big intelligence is an interregional competition-accelerator of innovation projects. Competition organizer is Perm National Research Polytechnic University. Accelerator purpose is finding perspective innovation ideas and scientific developments, creation of entrepreneurship project teams for their commercialization.

ULNANOTECH Nanotechnology center. The department organizes collection of applications for participation in GenerationS in Ulyanovsk Region and Privolzhsky Federal District regions, offers consultations to the entrepreneurs in relation to preparation for participation in the acceleration program. Department purpose is support to the technology entrepreneurs, development of technology project management skills and running technology business.

Acceleration program "Republic" is a regional qualification stage of the largest federal technology start-ups accelerator GenerationS. The purpose is assistance to the innovation and technology projects in Buryat Republic in accelerated development and training of their authors to know basics of innovation activity, commercialization and technology entrepreneurship.

"Academy ofInnovation" acceleration program for start-ups and entrepreneurs of North Caucasian Federal District.
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