Creative Industries
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112

Creative Industries accelerator GenerationS Corporate track will take place on July 1, 2016 to March 15, 2017.

The largest accelerator for creative entrepreneurs in Russia. Creative Industries collects various directions of business with the aim to discover new opportunities and ways for the development of creative business in Russia, to increase the share of firms with high intangible value and innovation component in the creative segment.

Creative industries — digital technologies, media, design and culture — are one of the most dynamic areas of the global and Russian economy. Time has shown that the most effective and sustainable are those models, which focus on economic diversification and increase of the share of creative initiatives in which there is not only a high proportion of creativity, but also social responsibility of those areas that shape our reality, infrastructure and information space.

That is why, this year, the Creative Industries track was for the first time opened, which includes three large areas. For each of them, a corporate accelerator will be opened within the track:

  1. Formation of urban spaces and social entrepreneurship

  2. New media and entertainment

  3. Fashion, design and retail technology

These areas combine the leading representatives of business and culture, and accumulate a large amount of potential energy necessary for the development of completely new start-up projects.

The accelerator will take place in an atmosphere of open innovation, where in the format of educational sessions, meetings, and creative startup weekends, the entrepreneurs will be able to test their technologies in a competitive environment, and receive the necessary evaluation from the corporate partners of the track.

During Accelerators, the startup teams will have the opportunity to present their projects and results to the representatives of the business community and the largest investment funds.

The participants will get:

  • Close cooperation with the experts of industrial partners during the preparation of applications, Preaccelerator and the track accelerator
  • Internships in offices and at the events of industrial partners with the ability to test the projects in the real market conditions
  • Monitoring of activities for the purpose of scaling and integration of projects on the Russian and international markets
  • Access to expert evaluation of international technologists, analysts, strategists from related industries: IT, HoReCa, Fashion, Luxury Retail, etc.
  • Close cooperation with representatives of various departments of industrial partners during the accelerator
  • International training at the sites of production centers of Los Angeles, London, and New York

Participants of the accelerator will meet with international experts of the Russian media holdings, transnational companies, who will present their vision on the development of the Creative Industries direction and the promotion of new developments. The best projects will have the opportunity to present their projects to investors and receive the support of federal venture investment and international funds and the opportunities for the development of their project not only in Russia, but also in the global markets..