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Directions for the selection of projects:
Long-distance and distribution electrical networks:
  • Reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance of existing equipment
  • Minimizing the cost of ownership of newly created grid assets
  • Minimizing power losses in transmission and distribution
  • Increased manageability of networks and network reliability of the power supply to the end-user
  • Ensuring compliance with unified quality standards of servicing customers by electricity supply companies
Intelligent Distributed Energy:
  • Intelligent control
  • Power Electronics
  • Meters, sensors
  • Interface man - management system
Consumer Services:
  • Open data, BigData
  • Marketplace, рыночные сервисы
  • Individual / collective behavior management, social practices of energy exchange
The priorities are technologies that make up the technological basis of the Smart Grid concept:

  • Measuring instruments and devices, including smart-meters and smart-sensors in the first place
  • Improved management practices: distributed intelligent control systems and analytical tools to support communication at the level of power grid facilities, working in real time, allowing to implement new algorithms and control methods of the energy system, including the management of its active elements
  • Advanced technologies and electrical network components: flexible transmission AC systems FACTS (Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems), DC transmission, superconducting cables, micro grids, semiconductor power electronics, electric power storage and so forth.
  • Improved interfaces and decision support techniques — technologies and tools that provide data conversion, which are derived from a variety of power system facilities, information for decision-making by intelligent agents
  • Integrated communications, which allow the elements of the first four groups to ensure the interconnection and interaction with each other, that is, in essence, Smart Grid as a technological system

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