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Directions for the selection of projects:
Digital Design and Modeling
  • Digital Simulation and Design
  • Computer engineering and analysis of design processes of complex products and systems
  • Digital and "intelligent" product
  • Digital and virtual production
  • Engineering data management
  • Modeling of nonlinear dynamic metalworking processes
Additive technologies
  • Manufacture of products with the use of direct metal deposition technologies
  • Technologies for the manufacture of metal-structure products
  • Hybrid technology for product manufacturing
  • Technologies of selective alloying of metal-powder compositions
Digital materials and processing methods
  • Structural materials with new properties
  • Thermoforming and injection molding
  • Repair of thermoplastic composite materials
  • Software for simulation of products and processing of control results
  • Embedded systems of obtaining information on the behavior and characteristics of products during engineering or key testing
  • Nano- and micro-tomography
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Computer simulation of welding processes
  • Laser, beam and electron-beam technologies of processing materials
  • Connection of parts made of the heat-resistant alloy by diffusion bonding
  • Friction stir welding
  • Innovative solutions in the stamping production
  • Innovative solutions in the stamping production
Industrial Internet and big data to optimize production processes
  • Hardware and software technologies of Industrial Internet of things for effective modern production
  • Architecture of technology solutions and standards for the integration of the "Factory of the Future" elements
  • Universal platform that combines real-time monitoring of equipment, personnel, materials, etc. to improve the operational efficiency of flexible manufacturing cells
  • Multiagent overall production control systems and over individual facilities in real time
  • Integration and interaction of technology and information systems of modern production
  • Information security as to Industrial Internet solutions
  • Efficient algorithms for processing large volumes of production data
  • Remote monitoring and management of facilities. Formation of predictive model of an object behavior
  • Digital counterparts. Creation and updating. Sensitivity (criticality) to synchronize the state of the real object and its digital counterpart
  • Augmented reality in production
Mechatronics and Robotics. Flexible manufacturing cells
  • Design and creation of flexible automated / robotic cells
  • Automation of manufacturing processes of spare parts on CNC equipment
  • Universal reconfigurable tooling (for machines and for control)
  • Machinery "vision"
  • Actuator control based on modeling of dynamic processes by numerical methods
  • Integration of cell and peripheral automatic systems into a single information medium
  • Independent optimization of technology processes (including the pre-production process) on the basis of digital simulation
  • Adaptive processing technology

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