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New media, fashion, design, entertainment industry.

The largest accelerator in Russia and CIS in the field of creative entrepreneurship. We are looking for the coolest start-ups in the field of fashion, media, design, cinematography, computer games, music, education and culture!

Media, fashion, animation, computer games, applications: the creative industry is one of the most fascinating branches of the world economy. A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine the ubiquitous Internet, and now we live in the digital world and every day we use technologies in all spheres of life. This is why the creative industry is developing so rapidly.

The track for start-ups in this industry appeared in GenerationS in 2016 and immediately collected more applications than any other did. In the GenerationS-2017, the Creative track in addition to fashion and media projects for the first time supports innovative technologies in the field of augmented reality, computer games, cinematography, music, publishing and smart cities.

The main stages of the track
Media and other destinations
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Directions to select projects:
  • automated measurement of the air advertising effectiveness; consolidated management of integrated campaigns (automatically placed in all media and on any platforms)
  • new software for planning investments in air and off-the-air marketing of TV channels and assessing their effectiveness
  • Big Data (algorithms of sociological research, analysis of mass audience interests in content consumption, predictive trend analysis, and analytics in social networks)
  • new technologies of interaction with the user in the joint mode of TV and Internet (smartphone), recommendation engines
  • technologies for managing the distribution of content in all media and on any platforms, as a single ecosystem (placement planning, distribution, exit control, accounting of metrics, etc.).
  • systems of automatic content tagging
  • systems for encryption of video files, hidden markings and other ways to combat piracy
  • technologies for solving the problems of overlaying additional terrestrial graphics, integrating regional content into the digital TV signal of the multiplex (for subsequent broadcasting in the regions of broadcasting given the real time). Optimization of costs for the insertion of regional TV advertising with digital broadcasting in single-frequency zones.
  • P2P content distribution
  • technology for HBBTV (applications from the Internet for the TV)
Fashion and consumables:
  • innovative materials (wear resistance, functional qualities, for example, heating, smart fabrics, affecting the nervous system, etc.), fabrics with the ability to remove electronic visual content);
  • innovative wearable gadgets and materials;
  • innovations in the field of e-commerce and unique mobile applications for the clothing market (analysers of clothing sizes, a wardrobe analyser, the sale of unnecessary clothing, etc.);
  • innovative 3D printing of clothes and shoes;
  • robotization of tailoring and fabric production;
  • AR / VR technology for the clothing market;
  • IoT-technology for the clothing market;
  • innovative eco-technologies in clothing (use of recycled materials in production);
  • interactive technologies for offline retail (interactive showcases, interactive fitting rooms, etc.);
  • innovative tools to care for clothes and shoes;
  • innovative marketing technologies and big data for estimating the demand and trends in the clothing market;
  • innovative projects for the repair and renovation of old clothes, the production of clothing from old materials.
Neuroindustry, sports and computer games:*
  • development of brain fitness, games with the use of neuro-gadgets, and neuron-developing games;
  • analytics, Big Data;
  • content monetization;
  • livestreaming;
  • gamification;
  • advertising / product placement in games;
  • VR / AR.
Cinematography and music:
  • VR / AR;
  • new services / ecosystems;
  • graphic solutions;
  • automation of services;
  • artificial intelligence.
  • data aggregation;
  • new platforms (collective writing of books, etc.);
  • graphic solutions for books;
  • text analytics (linguistic analysis, semantic kernels, and contextual analysis).
Smart city:
    Smart Home:
  • integrated automation;
  • remote control of the building and apartment;
  • smart applications and IT services;
  • design of buildings;
  • restoration of old buildings;
  • innovative building materials for a smart home;
  • innovative ways of building.

    Smart urban environment:
  • intelligent video surveillance and security;
  • intelligent lighting;
  • smart waste management;
  • social services.

    Smart water and gas:
  • smart water meters;
  • innovative methods of cleaning;
  • detection counter.

    Smart transport:
  • intelligent transport systems;
  • intelligent parking;
  • system of payment for the use of infrastructure.

    Smart energy:
  • smart energy meters;
  • infrastructure of electric transport;
  • management over final consumption;
  • integration of distributed generation;
  • renewable generation.
  • neuro-education. Development of neurointerfaces and technologies of virtual and augmented reality in teaching; educational programs and devices for neurotechnology, devices for enhancing memory and analysing the use of brain resources;
  • new formats of career guidance services;
  • audio/video lessons;
  • electronic libraries;
  • innovative blogging platform;
  • next generation preparatory online courses for senior high school students.
Neuro-communications and marketing:*
  • development of neuromarketing technologies, forecasting of mass and individual behavioral effects based on neuro- and biometric data;
  • decision support systems;
  • technology to identify the nearest emotionally coloured locations for the formation of resource states;
  • technologies for optimising the processes of the body during collective activity.
* as part of the NeuroNet NTI Roadmap


AVE EVA, Online platform to order custom-made clothes

HintEd, interactive micro-learning platform that helps master the complicated program quickly due to a number of hints in the interface

Private Sale, a trade platform to sell clothes and accessories between the users

ViewGA - a professional hardware and software complex of augmented and virtual reality

Aperso - an intelligent algorithm for pattern recognition (personalization), data analysis and decision support in real time mode based on neural networks

Acceptance of applications completed