Global Partners Program DEMO DAY

06 dec 2021 17:00 - 21:00
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Join Global Partners Program Demo Day: acceleration program aimed to help B2B industrial startups to enter new markets and find partners!

About this event

Global Partners Program (#GPP) is an export acceleration program supported by the Moscow export center and powered by GenerationS corporate accelerator.

The program is aimed to help B2B companies with ready-product and sales to enter new markets, grow their international sales quickly and efficiently.#GPP gives wide-ranging competencies in the area of international economic activity, creates the conditions for seamless entry into international markets for B2B startups and helps find relevant partners to launch pilots and sales and establish long-term cooperation.

We are happy to invite you to join us for the Demo Day on December 6, at 3 pm CET (online).

The industrial focus of the Accelerator in 2021 is:

  • Industry 4.0 and Smart City solutions;
  • Transport & Logistics, Enterprises solutions;
  • CleanTech, EcoTech and FoodTech.

Check out the first #GPP batch startups :

IntellectDialog - messenger marketing platform with artificial intelligence that allows businesses to successfully communicate with customers in all popular messengers;

Droneport - developer of the HIVE drone port for regular autonomous monitoring of objects, as well as software for integrated flight mission control and analysis of its results.

KPBS - KPBS SCM Forecast tool, solution for planning and calculating the cost of logistics costs.

GoodWAN - allows remote monitoring of any asset even at a distance of up to 100 km, recording events and measuring everything that matters, in a timely manner and reliably, delivering meaningful information to cloud service providers.

ECAMIR / POSADI LES - provides a number of solutions to count and offset your carbon footprint. The company has developed a carbon footprint calculator, which is designed to calculate the company's carbon footprint.

Orient Systems - producers of high-precision satellite navigation receivers and telecommunication devices for problem-free construction and agricultural equipment, hydrographic, geological and geodetic surveys.

LLC "Lossew", research and production company - design, prototyping and production of lighting equipment for military, medical, construction lighting and other special purpose lighting, as well as production of LED lamps and car headlights.

BINOLOGY - engineering and technology company that develops a set of solutions for the urban environment that ensure the efficient collection of municipal solid waste (MSW) in places of generation, and the management of the collection and removal of waste and secondary raw materials.

Ronavi Robotics - logistic robot as a service.

DIPA - multilingual corporate digital dialogue platform based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.

MOBIN - development and implementation of mobile solutions for regular monitoring of the technical condition of equipment, buildings and structures.

SunProtein - provides a new source of plant protein produced from sunflower seeds for the healthy food industry. The company developed a new generation of food products based on sunflower protein.

ILS (Intelogis) - an online service for planning and controlling transport delivery routes.

BRIO MRS - a hardware and software solution for visualization of the information model (BIM) for quality and progress control of construction and installation works.

Ecolight - developed and serially produced an AFDD - an arc fault detection device - innovative equipment for automatic prevention and prevention of fire from arc breakdown (sparking) in electrical networks and electrical installations.

ClimateGuard - a comprehensive climate monitoring platform that allows you to collect data on any environmental parameters in any combination in almost any conditions.

OKO - a driver fatigue monitoring system designed specifically for transportation services of industrial enterprises

COGSYS (Promobot) - development of knowledge models for systems that implement the functionality of artificial intelligence, developer of the framework for learning neural networks (BRAIN2), the cognitive processor BRAIN2NLP built on its basis, as well as products in the field of data labeling, intelligent search, and dialog systems for robots and interactive terminals. Is a subsidiary of Promobot LLC.

Warden Machinery - development and integration of machine vision-based industrial solutions.

Reach out to to know more about the companies and in case you are interested to be connected with any of these projects.

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