Creative Industries

So Organizer track

Association of the fashion industry «National Chamber of Fashion» — a public association, whose activities are focused on the maintenance and development of the fashion industry in the country. The Chamber’s mission is to unite the designers of the Russian Federation, specialists in the field of education, promotion and other experts who are actively involved in the development of fashion in Russia. Among priorities: support and development of the Russian fashion industry, creating conditions for the promotion of young designers from the Russian regions (i. e. tenders, grants, internships, etc.), the formation of new educational programs, research new platforms, implementation of light industrial products (e-commerce), development and support of technology initiatives in the field of fashion, etc. Since 2014, the Chamber of fashion has been implementing a grant program within the framework of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, allowing the young Russian designers to present their collections at the federal and international levels.

Industrial partner
Sher Oston is a producing centre of a new format, specialized in the creation of audio, visual and media products as well as various commercial and social projects, music festivals and forums in the field of media, entertainment and show business. As part of its activity, the company is also engaged in research projects in the field of education, art and new media. One of the priority areas of research is the study of technologies and tools of creative thinking, the acquisition of competencies and research abilities.
Partner track
AMEDIA is one of Russia's largest producers of television films, series and programs. A Russian producer Alexander Akopov founded the AMEDIA Film Company in 2002. Among the most famous projects - the series "Catherine", "Closed school", "My Fair Nanny", "Pretty Is as Pretty Does" and many others. In 2011, as part of the AMEDIA Company, AMEDIA TV was founded, which today comprises four channel (AMEDIA Premium, AMEDIA HIT, AMEDIA1, AMEDIA 2) and an online service AMEDIATEKA. AMEDIA TV is the leader of the Russian market in the segment of premium pay-tv. The company broadcasts the content of HBO and leading studios on an exclusive basis in Russia.
Directions for the selection of projects:
Formation and development of urban space
Gamification (retail technology)
Games that change urban space
New technology solutions in fashion, design and art
Audience Analysis
Technologies for the film industry
Systems of support and implementation of creative and professional qualifications of young specialists
New systems of developmental education
Culture, organization of communication and creativity of town dwellers
Gaming technologies
New architectural solutions
New media
Systems of video transcoding
Automation of the processes of content production / distribution
Retail technologies (personalization; visual search; Beacon+AR; logistics; mobile applications (digital wallet, etc.); virtual fitting room, scheduler; "New" bar codes)