Finance&Banking Technologies

So Organizer track
The Bank of Russia — Mega regulator.
Industrial partners
Moscow Exchange — the Moscow Exchange Group controls Russia's only multipurpose exchange platform for trading stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, money market instruments and commodities. The Group includes a central depository (National Settlement Depository, NCO JSC), as well as the clearing centre (National Clearing Centre Bank), acting as a central counterparty in the markets, enabling Moscow Exchange to provide customers with a full cycle of trading and post-trading services.

QIWI — the leading payment service of a new generation in Russia and the CIS, which owns the integrated payment network that makes it possible to make payments via all types of communication channels: physical, the Internet, and mobile. It includes more than 16.1 million virtual wallets and more than 167,000 kiosks and terminals. Every month via QIWI trading companies accept payments (in cash and in electronic form) in excess of 66 billion rubles from over 62 million clients who use the network at least once a month. QIWI Customers can use cash, prepaid cards and other cashless payment methods to order and pay for goods and services in stores and via the Internet.

Partners track
VTB 24 (PJSC) — one of the largest participants in the Russian banking services market. It is a part of the international financial group VTB and specializes in serving individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. VTB 24 (PJSC) provides a full scope of services for business: maintenance of a current account, depositing, acquiring, payrolls, credit and foreign trade activities. Public participation ensures stability and a modern approach and attention to technology trends providing a convenient service. VTB 24 offices for business are represented in 68 regions and serving more than 380 thousand companies.
BCS Broker, has been providing financial services for more than 20 years, being today one of the largest national brokers with the highest reliability rating of AAA. BCS Broker holds the first place in the rankings of the leading operators of the stock, derivatives and foreign exchange markets of the Moscow Stock Exchange. Innovative services such as "My broker" - a mobile application for trading at the Stock Exchange providing customers with quality service, wherever they are.
Directions for the selection of projects:
B2C solutions
  • Various new credit and deposit services
  • P2P-solutions (crowd funding, investing, lending)
  • Identification and digital identity
  • International acquiring
  • Mobile payments
  • Services for managing personal finances (PFM 2.0)
  • Wealth management (including non-banking services)
  • Money transfers
  • Payment instruments (which increase comfort, safety, and speed)
  • Financial marketplaces
  • Products with the use of the Blockchain technology (issuance of digital assets, arbitration)
B2V solutions:
  • Services for small and medium-sized businesses
In-house banking solutions:
  • Solutions for automating business processes (e-Docflow)
  • Solutions with the use of the Blockchain technology
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
Electronic interaction in the financial market:
  • Providing external legal electronic document management (EDF providers' roaming, integrity monitoring, storage, etc.; including e-invoicing)
  • Solving remote identification and authentication problems (including bio identification methods)
  • The use of e-government infrastructure for the development of non-financial services (PFR data, verification of contractors, etc.)
  • The development of remote transactions (not just e-commerce, but trading, investments, etc.)
  • Scoring and marketing solutions for financial services based on BigData technologies
  • P2P solutions (crowd funding, investing, lending, etc.)
The Blockchain technologies in the context of depository and settlement activities
The development of trade opportunities for retail investors:
  • The development of user interfaces
  • Trading platforms
  • Simplification of market access
  • Wealth management
The development of trade opportunities for institutional investors:
  • Risk management
  • Rob-advisors (automated portfolio management)
  • Reporting
Market data and analytics:
  • Improving access to market data
  • Market Data Processing
  • Visualization of market data
Big data:
  • Processing large amounts of internal information of Moscow Exchange