Smart City

Industrial partners
The Morton Group of Companies was founded in 1994 and over twenty-two years of its history has become one of the leading Russian developers (Forbes rating "200 largest private companies of Russia"). The Group of Companies has been specializing in the construction of large-scale residential districts in Moscow and the Moscow region, totally secured by social and engineering infrastructure for a comfortable life, education and recreation. Each year, Morton builds and puts into operation 1 million sq.m. of real estate for various purposes. Over the last 10 years, GC Morton has purposefully extended the boundaries of its business, diversifying it and developing new industries, allowing to implement an integrated approach to construction.
Russian Technical Company (RTC) is an R & D partner of the MORTON Group of Companies. This is a management company that develops and implements all-inclusive technological projects of the Group, and conducts a constant search for promising new products and technologies. Currently, RTS implements more than 25 innovative projects in the following areas: smart city, ecology and environment, new materials, smart energy, and smart production. RTS actively collaborates with development institutions, universities, federal and regional state authorities, promoting innovative technologies, working on changing the regulatory framework and attracting additional funding for development. One of the important tasks of RTC is the introduction of Russian innovative technologies to the international market (priority regions: Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America).
As part of the GenerationS project, Russian technical company is engaged in selection, expertise and funding the best innovative SmartCity projects in the interests of GC Morton.
Directions for the selection of projects:
All-inclusive IT-solutions for Smart City:
  • Security in the apartment and in the district
  • Infrastructure automation (i.e. apartment, stairwell, utility networks, public spaces, parking, etc.).
  • Information dispatch systems for the management company
  • Collection and analysis of big data on the scale of the district and the city
  • Social interaction platforms for inhabitants
  • Automated services for residents (i.e. delivery of goods, storage items, sharing, etc.)
  • Personal medicine
New technologies in the construction and development of land plots:
  • Construction Materials
  • Decoration Materials
  • Development of a land plot
  • Construction Equipment and Technologies
  • Road construction
Management over housing and community amenities and networks, including Energy Saving Technologies:
  • Energy supply (i.e. electricity, gas, and heat)
  • Water supply
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Low voltage networks
  • Sewerage for wastewater and storm water
  • Vertical transport in buildings
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Overall solutions for utilities and networks
Technologies for over-ground public transportation "Arrow":
  • The system of electrical energy recovery and accumulation on transportation and tracking substations
  • Systems of physical and intellectual security on the above-ground transport
  • Noise protection of adjacent areas against transport streams
  • Automatic control systems on transportation vehicles
  • Services for passengers in railway carriages and at stations
Creating a favorable social and ecological environment:
  • Landscaping and gardening of yards and park areas
  • Monitoring and improving the environment area (i.e. air, soil, water bodies, noises, etc.).
  • Social environment of the city and district