The fintech-startup Suretly acquaints New York with the technology of crowd-vouching

The participant of the Finance & Banking Technologies track of GenerationS was selected for the Starta Accelerator.

The developers of Suretly the online exchange of micro — vouchers were selected for the international acceleration program Starta Accelerator in New York. The startup has become one of the 10 finalist projects to receive $ 130,000 from Starta Capital Venture Fund in exchange for 7% of the company. The total of 400 applications from 30 countries of Europe and Asia were submitted for the accelerator. The Suretly team plans to adapt the business model for the US market and attract the first partners and customers for three and a half months of accelerator.

Suretly is an exchange of micro — vouchers, or crowd — vouching platform, which allows everyone to make small short — term investments. The development belongs to a Moscow based team led by Evgeny Lobachev. The exchange helps individuals obtain a loan at a lower interest, provided that the third party can vouch for it. The service provides advantages to both the depositor and the borrower: the borrower with any credit history has the opportunity to get a loan, and the depositor can earn a bail bond. The minimum investment is only 100 rubles. The Suretly app is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

"While creating Suretly, we immediately decided to make the project go global. That is why getting into the American accelerator is an important step for our development. New York is considered the financial capital of the world and one of the best places to develop fintech — startups. We pursue serious goals and in the next few months we plan to launch a pilot project in the US market, " — said Yevgeny Lobachev, founder and CEO of Suretly.

The Suretly project is a finalist of the HSE business incubator. In November 2016, the Suretly team was selected for the largest RVC — organized start — up accelerator GenerationS in Russia and Eastern Europe. The project became a participant in the corporate accelerator Finance & Banking Technologies, whose program was developed and overseen by experts of RIS Ventures, the market leader in consulting services in advanced technological business solutions.

The Fintech track of GenerationS united start — ups in the field of financial technologies, services and electronic commerce, with QIWI being the industrial partner. The accelerator program will end at the end of February 2017.

The best fintech start — ups will enter the super — final of GenerationS in April 2017 and compete for a prize fund of 15 million rubles.

Starta Accelerator was launched by the Starta Capital VC fund. The program’s main goal is to adapt start — ups to business practices of the US market and help attract additional funding. The program provides for investments in projects of early development and technological B2B and B2C start — ups.