Beeline names the winner in the special nomination of the GenerationS accelerator

VimpelCom PJSC (Beeline brand) has chosen the winner of the special nomination Digital Innovations opened within the accelerator of technological start-ups GenerationS from RVC. The iTalk project was selected as the best project in the Digital Innovations nomination. The iTalk ensures synchronous speech recognition during a conversation on a mobile phone and transfer of speech into a text format.

The project might be useful for integration into the b2b operator solution as well as for improvement of the quality of telephone communication for hearing-impaired customers.

The iTalk technology has the functions of instant displaying of recognized speech on the screen, as well as multilingual interpreter, and group multi-communication by video conferencing. ITalk devices analyse speech and display it on the screen during a phone call, and can also play back a previously typed text. The software solution has the ability to scale and can be used by hearing-impaired people to communicate in situations where voice communication needs to be duplicated by subtitles.

The start-up team will gain the opportunity to create joint digital products with Beeline.

"For several years, Beeline has been searching and implementing innovative developments to create an ecosystem of diverse digital services and services that can be useful to our customers, including to disabled persons. In this work, we are looking for innovative solutions in the environment of start-ups; we are working on their implementation jointly with our Beeline Innovation Lab to be launched as a full-fledged digital product. iTalk can be useful both for improving the communication capabilities of hearing-impaired people and for integration into b2b solutions", noted Anna Morozova, Head of Innovation Development Department at Vympelcom PJSC.

More than 100 projects in the field of digital technologies – e-commerce, geolocation, virtual reality, M2M, advertising and marketing technologies from 30 cities of Russia and CIS countries were potential candidates to win in the Digital Innovations nomination.



GenerationS is the biggest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, the federal platform for the development of corporate acceleration. It has been held by RVC since 2013. Over 20 Russian companies, interested in selecting and accelerating start-ups, become industrial partners to GenerationS on an annual basis. As a result of the multi-stage examination, the GenerationS participants receive ample opportunities for business development and investment promotion as well as access to resources and infrastructure of accelerator partners.


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