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Directions for the selection of projects:
The development of biotechnology conversion of agricultural waste, fat and dairy industries into valuable products
  • Processing of milk whey, sunflower husks, molasses and soybean okara, and fatty waste
The development of biotechnology synthesis of food ingredients and additives:
  • Enzymes (lipase, phospholipase, β-glucanase, protease, cellulase, xylanase, phytase)
  • Antioxidants (tocopherols, carotins, astaxanthin)
  • Thickening agents (gums, modified starches, pectins, agar analogues)
  • Amino acids
Production of biological products for the animal industry:
  • Biotechnological feed additives that increase the biological value of feed (enzymes, feed preservatives, growth stimulants, and sorbents)
  • Probiotics
  • Protein supplements (microbial protein)
  • Feed antibiotics
Production of biological products for the plant industry:
  • Biological plant protection
  • Plant growth stimulators
  • Microbiological fertilizer
Rapid tests for microbiological analysis of raw materials, intermediates and finished products in manufacturing
РSolutions for the personalized production and food delivery
(products adapted to the specific consumer, and introduction of related services for diet definition).
Effective organic farming technologies
(biological products and technologies for the protection and improvement of plant productivity and cost minimization).
Technologies and solutions in the field of precision farming:
  • Improvement of the use of satellite monitoring, computer vision technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground-based sensors to assess the condition of crops
  • The development of services and applications, support systems for planning and forecasting of crop yields based on precision farming)
Genomics of agricultural plants and animals:
  • Test systems for the determination of genetic markers
  • Breeding and genetics of agricultural plants and animals, including by the use of gene technologies
IT automation and robotization of technology processes in agriculture:
  • The use of robotics in agriculture
  • Promising ways to automate and intensify technology processes
he use of alternative protein sources in agriculture and food industry
(technologies of cultivation and processing of pseudo-cereal crop, algae, insects and other species for obtaining protein and other useful elements)

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