Frequently Asked Questions
What is GenerationS?
GenerationS is a corporate accelerator. Our goal is to help startups efficiently cooperate with corporate partners. We also help corporations find challenging technologies and introduce them into their production chains.
How will I benefit from participating in the accelerator?
The value proposition for the projects depends on the goals and resources of the corporate customer: from reviewing projects to launching pilots and investing. You can get detailed information on the website of each accelerator.
How much does it cost to take part in the accelerator?
Participation in our accelerators is free. We only accept projects that fit all of the criteria mentioned on our website, and that have passed through all of the screening stages. It guarantees interest in the project by potential customers.
What makes GenerationS programs unique?
We work with a pool of corporations across a variety of industries. If no corporation chooses your project, you can start working with another one. Also, we help alumni from our acceleration programs to enter international markets and to gain access to the resources of the Global Acceleration Network.
Will RVC invest in my project?
No, we do not invest, and we do not take any equity for participating in GenerationS accelerators. We help develop your interactions with corporations that may offer investment.
I do not live in Russia. Can I take part in GenerationS selection?
Yes! You are most welcome to apply. GenerationS works both with Russian and international projects. Since 2013, projects from 50+ countries have participated with us.
What startups are alumni of GenerationS acceleration programs?
What startups are alumni of GenerationS acceleration programs? Our graduates are: RCML (,VisionLabs (,Promobot (,WayRay (,Oz Forensics (,and others.
Can you introduce my project to other corporations?
We do not offer a service to introduce a project to other corporate customers. Please subscribe to our newsletter: Twice a month we will tell you about interesting opportunities for projects both in Russia and abroad.
Selection for accelerator XXX is closed, but my project fits its objectives. Can you forward my presentation to the company?
Unfortunately, we cannot. Applying on the website is required for all projects. Please subscribe to our newsletter via this link: to find out about upcoming selections.
I am organizing an event. Can you place information about it on your website?
If this event is free, and it will be useful for startups, you are welcome to fill in the form in the Calendar section. Upon moderation, we will publish your event on our website.
How can I contact you?
For technical issues please contact:
For all other issues please contact: or the accelerator manager directly. Manager emails are provided on accelerator websites in the Contacts section.
How fast does your Support respond?
Our support specialists re available on business days from 10:00 till 18:00, and will respond within 5 hours. If you contact Support outside of business hours, you will receive an answer in the morning of the following business day.
Submitting applications
At which stage of development the project should be in order to pass the selection process successfully?
It depends on the Accelerator. We publish the industries and selection criteria for projects on the website for a corporate customer's accelerator.
Can I skip filing the application and tell about my project in a different way?
Filing out an application is mandatory. We conduct the primary screening exclusively based on the applications that companies fill out on the website
My project fits the requirements of 2 accelerators. Can I apply to both of them?
Yes! This feature is available in your account on the GenerationS website. For your convenience, we have prepared a preliminary application that is available in your account. You are welcome to introduce any relevant changes, and submit them to the second accelerator.
I represent 2 projects. Can I submit several applications to one accelerator?
Yes! You are welcome to submit two applications. Please register the second account on our website and apply with your second project.
My project does not fit the requirements of any accelerator. What can I do?
You can submit a preliminary application through your account on the GenerationS website, and sign up for our newsletter. We will let you know when a relevant accelerator is available.
My application has been rejected. My project fits the requirements of another accelerator. Should I apply again?
Of course, you should. Each corporate customer has its own criteria for a successful project. However, you need to work on your presentation relative to the value proposition for a particular Corporation. We will look forward to your application on our website:
I am working on a cross-industry solution. How can I understand whether it fits the requirements of a customer? How can I make my presentation better?
First, you need to study how the industry operates, and how the customer's business works. Second, you need to define the part of the production chain where your project may be useful, and what benefits the company will receive from partnering with you. Then, you need to build a value proposition for the corporate customer, and to add a slide for this in your project presentation. If you have done that and you still have questions, please contact the accelerator manager.
Can I receive a face-to-face consultation from a corporate partner XXX?
For this purpose, we organize #GENSTalks events where we conduct pitch sessions and individual project consultations. If no event of this kind is scheduled in your city, please join our events live on Facebook ( and ask your questions in the comments section. Information about events will be published in the calendar on the GenerationS website, and on the accelerator XXX website.
Do I have to share confidential data about my project?
No, you don't. In your application, please only provide the information you can share without an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Do I transfer intellectual property rights to the corporate customer?
The participant does not transfer rights for their solutions, and/or intellectual property.
I filed an application but have not received any response. What does it mean?
The deadlines for processing applications are provided on the GenerationS website. All projects receive selection results notifications at the email addresses provided in the applications.
I do not have a legal entity. Can I apply?
It depends on the corporate customer’s requirements. If a legal entity is mandatory, it will be indicated on the accelerator website as a requirement for the projects. When participating in the acceleration program, you may be required to open a legal entity.
Can I come to your office and ask questions without a preliminary appointment?
No, this will not be efficient. If you would like to discuss questions related to your project, please contact the accelerator manager and set an appointment. Also, you can visit the events we organize and discuss your project.
Can I delete my application?
Please drop us a line at:
I cannot access my account. Whom do I need to contact?
Please drop us a line at: We will resolve your problem.
An error occurred when I was filing my application / the application form does not take me to the following step. What can I do?
Please drop us a line at: In your message please indicate:
— the name of the application and accelerator
— e-mail address you registered with
— your full name
— description of your problem.
In the accelerator schedule there is an "Expert Review" stage. What is it?
Expert Review is an independent remote assessment of projects by GenerationS experts. It is an opportunity to get an opinion from business and tech experts about your project, and to develop your project following the requirements of a corporate customer. The results are published in the account for your startup on the website
My project has been assessed by experts. What happens next to my application?
It depends on the schedule of the accelerator. If the schedule features the bootcamp stage (in-person screening), then following the expert review and project assessment by company representatives, there will be a list of projects to participate in the bootcamp. The participants chosen by the corporate customer to participate in the next stage will receive an invitation letter for the in-person event. The projects that have been rejected will not receive any additional messages. If the accelerator schedule does not feature any in-person stages, the corporate customer will contact you directly if they have interest in your project using the contact details you provided in your application.
I believe the assessment was wrong. Can I appeal/challenge an expert?
It is not possible to appeal or to challenge an expert. GenerationS expert reviews give projects an opportunity to look at their invention/technology/product from a different viewpoint. We recommend using this opportunity to develop your project further. Expert review is a recommendation, whereas the corporate customer makes the final decision about potential partnership on a given project.
I have not received an invitation. Does this mean that my project has not been selected?
Yes. If you have not received the letter of invitation within the deadline indicated on the accelerator website, you have not made it to the following stage.
How can I become an expert?
Please register as an expert on the GenerationS website and answer the questions in the application form.
Acceleration program
What is a bootcamp?
Bootcamp is an in-person screening of projects for the acceleration program. Usually the bootcamp takes 2 days: 1 day for preparation, and 1 day for presentations. On the first day, the projects work on their presentations and propositions for the company. On the second day, the participants present their projects, products and technologies in front of a jury that consists of representatives from the corporate customer.
How many projects are selected for the acceleration program?
Usually, corporate customers select up to 15 projects.
What legal documents will I need to sign?
Upon the bootcamp results, we will send you the following 2 documents to sign: an NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement), and a Data Exchange Agreement.
Do you cover any travel or accommodation costs?
We do not reimburse any participant costs for traveling, accommodation, etc.
How does the acceleration program take place?
It depends on the goals of the customer, but usually the program consists of an online stage and an in-person accelerator. During the online accelerator the company teams prepare for the in-person stage: package the project with the best experts from Microsoft, PWC, NUMA Invest, etc. During the in-person accelerator, the primary focus is on mentorship sessions and launching pilots.
My project is already mature. Can I skip the in-person part of accelerator?
No, you cannot. According to the rules of accelerator, you are obliged to attend at least 70% of in-person meetings.
I live outside of Russia. Can I take part in the accelerator remotely?
Our program is designed for in-person participation because the teams will not be able to adopt the mentor experience and launch the pilots in a remote fashion. The team members that make the decisions about the project (usually 1-2 people) must be rated to participate in-person during the whole program.
What is a pilot?
A pilot is a test for the technology or product in order to make a decision about its applicability in the corporate customer's business. Usually it requires 3-6 months (depending on the industry).
Do I receive any money during the pilot?
It depends on the conditions of accelerator. You can get detailed information on a particular accelerator’s website.
What happens after the accelerator?
After the accelerator, the corporate customer makes a decision about further partnership. Also, after graduating from the program you become part of our GENSFamily alumni community. We help promote your projects in Russia and international markets, provide PR support, and a friendly community.
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