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GenerationS alumni map

The main purpose of the Alumni Map

to help generate demand from the market, investors and corporations for compelling technology projects
Ekaterina Petrova
Ekaterina Petrova
Managing director, GenerationS
In 2020, the innovation community faced new challenges that required quick response and adaptation. We witnessed how many startups were unable to cope with the complexities of the pandemic and were forced to close their businesses. On the other hand, we have seen the ascent of many projects, their dedication and desire to adapt their business and be in demand during this difficult period. As a "supporting" element of the innovation community, it was important for us to continue our activities. By launching new acceleration programs with partners, we were able to attract not only our alumni, but also new projects for the large companies and take a step in the development of our business. As a result of the implemented programs, the portfolio of our alumni has been expanded with new interesting projects, which have every chance to successfully establish themselves in the market and become leaders in their field.

About the GenerationS alumni community

Projects that have undergone acceleration programs
Projects that have undergone acceleration programs
Projects selected by the corporate customer
Projects selected by the corporate customer
Projects that meet the <a href="#" class="alumni-community__tooltip-link">criteria</a> of GENSFamily Community
Projects that meet the criteria of GENSFamily Community
  • Motivation, openness and willingness to help other members of the Community
  • Having a unique technological component
  • Having a confirmed interest in technology on the part of investors and market leaders
  • Technical Readiness level : TRL 5-6 and higher
  • Having a legal entity
GenerationS alumni community
is an environment where startups can share experience, interact and receive various valuable recommendations for developing their business strategies.

The benefits of the community:

Scalability of the accelerator alumni’ technologies leads to a direct impact on the results of economy

high-tech jobs created
pilots and implementations conducted
million dollars investment received
million dollars revenue
Projects development stages
* Latest data as of March 2021

GenerationS, as part of the international innovation ecosystem, facilitates the promotion of its alumni in foreign markets

share of foreign investment
opened representative offices abroad
alumni passed foreign acceleration programs
Alumni development geography
The alumni develop their business in 42 countries worldwide

GenerationS finds strong cross-industry technologies and promotes their integration across economic and industrial sectors


GenerationS Alumni’s Business Cases