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Directions for the selection of projects:
Production of fine powders with the desired properties made of the platinum group metals, silver and gold
Powder metallurgy. Up-to-date methods of manufacturing technical products
Advanced electro-contact materials based on precious metals (i.e. alloys, adhesives, pastes, films, and composites)
Dispersion-hardened alloys of the platinum group metals and their composites
Precision metalworking
Modern technologies of making coatings of precious metals with desired properties
New approaches to the hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes in the production of precious metals
Technologies of purification of gases and industrial wastewater from hydrometallurgical production
Modern methods of modeling of technological processes of chemical and metallurgical industries
New materials and technologies, replacing the industrial use of precious metals
New applications of precious metals
The use of additive technologies in the production of jewelry and technical precious metal wares
Methods for rapid analysis of the composition of solids and liquids with a high degree of accuracy
Selective separation of metals
Catalysis processes
— Exploration and searching techniques of diamond deposits

— Technologies for open pit and underground diamond mining

— Technology diamondiferous ore enrichment

— Energy saving and energy efficiency in the mining industry

— Environmental technologies for diamond mining and metallurgy

— Transportation, equipment, machinery and tools for the mining industry

— Automation of technological processes of diamond mining and diamondiferous ore enrichment

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