Dual Technologies
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112

The track will combine technologies developed in the civil area, which have perspectives for the use in the creation of weapons, military and special equipment, as well as technologies and products created by enterprises of the military-industrial complex, suitable for being used in the civilian market.

Technologies developed for civilian purposes are increasingly being used in the interests of national security and defence, and vice versa. Quadcopters, mobile phones, and laptops - all these are actively used by the MIC. At the same time, these technologies not only supplement, but also create new opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of power structures. It is often possible to see the opposite situation, when technologies developed for military purposes are widely used in the civil sector.

The Dual Technologies track is conducted in cooperation with the industrial partner JSC "Voentelecom", the track's partner is JSC "RosElectronics" and its category partner is PJSC "S.W. Ilyushin S.H. Complex. S.W. Ilyushin. The track collects developers of the best solutions in the area of dual technologies. Prospective projects will be able to enter the number of portfolio companies of RVC subsidiaries and the possibility of co-investment by the Track Partners.

The main stages of the track
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Spheres for selection of projects:
Big data:
  • Geo-information systems;
  • Platforms for working with big data.
Artificial Intelligence:
  • Work algorithms and technical implementation;
  • Applications based on artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Semantic solutions.
Distributed registry systems.
New and portable energy sources:
  • New sources of energy for on-board systems;
  • Electrochemical energy storage devices with high specific technical characteristics and low cost characteristics, energy storage devices using superconductors, and high-speed kinetic energy storage devices;
  • Technology of storage and transportation of hydrogen with high specific indicators;
  • Mechatronic energy systems of a closed cycle.
New production technologies:
Sensorics and components of robotics, design and modelling:
  • Unmanned systems (including aircraft, ships and underwater complexes, and cars), intelligent transport systems and subsystems, as well as systems assisting drivers and dispatchers, and systems of telemetry, monitoring, and maintenance, as well as subsystems, software and hardware solutions for their production and operation;
  • Sensory systems recognizing surrounding environments in all five human senses;
  • Control system of a 'swarm' ('flock') of robotic complexes;
  • On-board intellectual information-control systems;
  • Digital technologies for modelling and production;
  • Development and implementation of industrial and service robotics;
  • Technology of deep monitoring of the state and behaviour of a structure based on the use of mathematical models of behaviour of a structure and built-in sensors of the state of a structure in the relevant critical zones;
  • Systems of the ERP class.
Wireless technologies:
  • Industrial Internet;
  • Internet of underwater things;
  • Technologies for creating devices to provide a multi-user, easily scalable network-centric submarine communication system;
  • Non-standard communication systems.
Technologies for managing the properties of biological objects, cognitive technologies.
Neuro-technologies, technologies of virtual and augmented realities.

The Dual Technologies track is running under a separate program of acceleration.

Unlike the other tracks of the GenerationS-2017, the Track Final is held in the format of presentation of projects submitted for consideration of the investment committee of the subsidiary funds of RVC JSC or funds created with the participation of RVC JSC.


IR WAY, night vision system

A connected transponder-rangefinder, to find out locations of subscribers to wireless carriers

REYNOLDS, a small-sized gas turbine engine for unmanned aircraft

SPS SPARS is a new class of free-parachuting systems for individual rescue

Geo-information platform with a 3D interface, unified software suite for unmanned aircraft

Acceptance of applications completed