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Development of personal energy sources and collectors, advanced solutions for extraction, conversion, transfer, distribution and consumption of energy resources.

The Power & Energy Track in the field of energy covers global trends in the world market, submitted by young technology entrepreneurs.

It may seem surprising, but the first cars were electric. Work on the creation of electric light bulbs, the invention of which is attributed to Edison, were conducted simultaneously in America, England, Germany and Russia, and today there are already more than 100 kinds of lamps.

The history of the electric power industry as an industry per se, including the production, transmission and sale of electric power, originates in the second half of the XIX century. The annual volume of world electricity production by 1900 was 9 billion kWh, and by 2013, it rose to 23,127 billion kWh.

Today, energy in the whole world is again on the verge of big changes. Increasing infrastructure wear and tear, involving the distributed energy resources in circulation (including renewable ones), increase in demand for energy and changing its quality characteristics, changing model of consumer behaviour — all these set the need for a transition to a new energy structure.

The Power & Energy track has been in GenerationS since 2015 and covers global trends in the field of energy. According to the already established tradition, in the season of 2017, the largest energy companies of Russia will take part in the selection, assessment and acceleration of start-ups based on their needs for innovative developments.

The main stages of the track
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Directions to select projects:
Power engineering:
  • biotechnology for the processing of food industry and agriculture waste;
  • reliability and safety of energy facilities;
  • efficiency of generating equipment;
  • stationary and mobile accumulation and energy recovery;
  • efficient transportation of energy to the end user;
  • renewable and alternative energy;
  • environmental safety;
  • distributed generation, market services and intellectual energy.
Oil-and-gas producing industry:
  • nanosystems and nanomaterials in the oil and gas sector;
  • biotechnology in the oil and gas sector;
  • production, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas, use of information and telecommunications systems;
  • use of hydrocarbons in power engineering, energy-efficient technologies in the oil and gas production, transportation and processing;
  • geophysics and drilling;
  • manufacture of oil and gas equipment;
  • sale of oil and gas;
  • oilfield services and production of chemical reagents for the needs of the industry;
  • hydrogen energy.


Hydraulic packer, development of a structure for oil-extracting industry

SPIN-CELL, energy-efficient heat exchangers based on flow-twist technology

OilRiver, a technology to produce shale oil

Smart drilling, using a hybrid physical and statistical model to support the well site construction

5М - electronics module for distributed networks of renewable energy

Acceptance of applications completed