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Metals treatment, new ore mining technologies, remote and automated mining equipment control,raw materials concentration and quality control.

Largest companies in the areas with traditionally difficult and closed for start-ups make their proposals to projects from metallurgy, diamond mining and related industries to present their technologies and gain refinement, implementation, building of joint business, investment attraction or sale of technology

The main stages of the track
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Directions for the selection of projects:
  • exploration and methods of prospecting deposits;
  • open and underground mining technologies;
  • energy saving and energy efficiency in mining;
  • environmental technologies;
  • transportation, equipment, mechanisms, machinery, and tools for the mining industry.
  • enrichment technology;
  • energy saving and energy efficiency in metallurgy;
  • environmental technologies in metallurgy;
  • automation of technological processes;
  • metallurgical equipment;
  • processing of metals;
  • powder metallurgy;
  • new materials;
  • new products with precious metals (including medical applications);
  • products and technologies that replace the use of precious metals;
  • refining.


MicoTech - mineral coatings to increase the life and reliability of spare parts and components used by mining and metallurgical companies

Sensor Technologies (R&D Company) - a domestic developer and manufacturer of software and energy-efficient communication equipment "Sigma" for hazardous production enterprises in intrinsically safe design

Rolltech - an automated accounting system of the warehouse account for conveyor-type equipment

Instrument for measuring quantity of hydrogen in metal - an express analysis technology, which allows for reduction of the percentage of rejects in the metallurgical industry

MAROMA - high-resource ball closures and other products from wear-resistant cermets TiC-Me

Acceptance of applications completed