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The Power & Energy Track in the field of energy covers global trends in the world market, submitted by young technology entrepreneurs. The largest Russian energy companies are directly involved in the selection, assessment of projects and the acceleration of startups participating in GenerationS, based on their needs for innovative developments.

The Power & Energy Track will take place in the city of Irkutsk, near Lake Baikal — the deepest and the cleanest lake in the world, containing a quarter of the world’s fresh water. The cascade of hydropower plants on the Angara is the pride of the Irkutsk power system, its design long-term average annual electricity generation is about 47.7 billion kW / h.

The Track participants will receive:

  • expert assessment from the best scientific and technical specialists and business experts in the field of Power & Energy (the track partners are the leading scientific organizations in the country);
  • opportunity to undergo an educational program, consisting of:
  • – individual work with mentors;
    – seminars and workshops with the participation of experts in the field of Power & Energy;
  • the possibility of direct communication with the leaders of the largest energy companies in the country (En+ Group, EvroSibEnergo);
  • the opportunity to interact with field-specific investors;
  • funding from the Industrial partner (the Track prize fund is 1 million rubles);
  • the opportunity to visit beautiful places, because the corporate accelerator will take place at Lake Baikal.


The corporate accelerator in the Power & Energy direction will take place from November 2 to February 28, 2016. At the heart of the corporate accelerator training program, there is a unique technique aimed at intensive training of projects and the alignment of their work with investors and industrial partners.

The track program includes individual work with mentors, seminars and workshops with the participation of experts in the field of energy, familiarization and communication with the leaders of the largest energy companies of the country, as well as with the field-specific investors.