5 top technology projects of 2015 in the energy sector selected
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17 November 2015

5 top technology projects of 2015 in the energy sector selected

On Friday, November 13, Moscow hosted the final of the corporate accelerator Power&Energy GenerationS organized by RVC, Next Capital Center for Corporate Innovation and Directors Club for Science and Innovation, and supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

In late August, 17 startups began their training in the Power&Energy GenerationS accelerator. They were selected from more than 200 applications from around the country to participate in the accelerator GenerationS-2015 in Modern Power Generation area. Only 12 participants had the opportunity to present their projects to the extended panel, which included representatives of investment funds, major energy companies and leading industry experts.

As a result of the presentations, five projects of Power&Energy corporate accelerator were announced to proceed to the next, federal stage of the competition program, where they will be presented for open online voting to compete for the performance at the super final of GenerationS startup accelerator, which will determine the three winners on December 15 at the Moscow Corporate Venture Summit.

Tatiana Stroganova, the managing director of Next Capital, the operator of Power&Energy GenerationS direction: "All the 12 projects, which are graduates of our Power&Energy accelerator, are the best. And we are not saying goodbye to any of them, we will provide the necessary support, introduce them to the right people, rejoice in their business success and personal achievement. However, five of the startups will have to work in the format of the "big” GenerationS and earn the Grand Prix, which this year amounts to 10 million rubles."

The presentations of the participants were evaluated by Mikhail Kozlov (RusHydro), Vitaly Anikin (T Plus), Artem Smirnov (MOESK), Mikhail Kharuzin (Seed Investment Fund RVC), Sergey Dzhurinskiy (Bright Capital), Konstantin Nadenenko (Leader), Vladimir Sidorovich (Centre for Energy-Efficient Technologies in Construction), Andrei Pechurin (Tavrida) and many other experts.

The top five projects of Power&Energy accelerator GenerationS-2015 include:

  • Maria Dudareva, Moscow. Project "Slag waste processing for power plants". The solution allows to process ash and slag into a chemically pure silica, alumina, and some other useful elements. In the future, these elements can be sold to the manufacturers of car tires, cosmetics companies and other customers.
  • Vasily Kislitsyn, St. Petersburg. "Automatic Temperature Control for current-conducting elements of energy facilities." A system of online diagnostics which helps to reduce the number of incidents in power grids.
  • Boris Chichigin, Moscow. Turbodiagnostics Project Hardware/software complex for monitoring the condition of the blades of gas-turbine engine.
  • Igor Ablaev, Saratov. Smart Digital Turbine project. A software package for the improvement of reliability, safety and efficiency of turbines. Digital technologies and systems designed to control complex objects.
  • Alexander Halyasmaa, Ekaterinburg. Project of Decision Support System for the effective operation of electric grid equipment. A complex software systems based on the methods of fuzzy logic and neural networks. It helps the controllers of power grids to control the operation of a range of power grids and make informed decisions.

Gulnara Bikkulova, a board member of RVC and the head of GenerationS accelerator, noted: “Power&Energy is one of the toughest and the most mature tracks of this year. I am very pleased with the level of the elaboration of the projects, the progress that the participants made in the acceleration program. It is especially delightful that most businesses are already working on joint implementation projects with the corporate partners of the track."

The representatives of PJSC MOESK (Rossetti) selected 3 projects for further development:

  • Andrei Medvedev, Yekaterinburg. i-TOR project. The development of compact autonomous digital devices for measuring electrical values and commercial measuring of electric power consumption for 110 kW power grids. The i-TOR device is the first autonomous electric power metering unit for 110 kW power grids.
  • Vladimir Lebedev, Ivanovo. "Digital Current and Voltage Transformer" project. A new type of high-voltage equipment, designed for the new generation of power grids.
  • Nikolai Ivanov, Samara. PRO Device Project. A protective device for reducing the overload in the electrical grid in emergency conditions.

Dmitry Medvedev, the head of Production and Technology Administration of PJSC “MOESK”: "The project teams are very motivated, and promptly respond to comments on the finalization of products and the provision of additional materials. We believe that the format of the accelerator as a tool for interaction between small companies and corporations is rather effective. A number of projects also need additional partners among manufacturers of electrical equipment, because being end consumers of finished electrical products, we cannot help all the projects directly."

All graduates of Power&Energy GenerationS accelerator were awarded certificates and diplomas of graduates, as well as prizes in special partner categories.

A certificate for personal mentoring from Vitaly Anikin, the Director of T Plus Development Group, was given to Maria Dudareva (Slag waste processing at power plants) and Boris Chichigin (Turbodiagnostics).

A certificate for personal mentoring was given by Mikhail Kozlov, Deputy Director of RusHydro International AG, to Maria Dudareva (Slag waste processing for power plants).

The youngest participant of the accelerator, undergraduate student Nikolai Ivanov of Samara (PRO Device project) received a certificate for a year of free service from MoeDelo, an online accountancy system.

Yuri Aurenius, Director of Next Capital Center for Corporate Innovation awarded three winners with certificates for the structuring of an investment transaction pursuant to the terms of the Russian law. These were granted to the graduates of the accelerator who, according to the organizers, have a real chance to start concluding contracts in the near future: Alexandra Halyasmaa (Decision Support System for the effective operation of electric grid equipment), Boris Chichigin (Turbodiagnostics) and Maria Dudareva (Slag waste processing for power plants).

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing house gave all the participants useful books on business: "The Weekly Planner of Number 1" by Igor Mann, the bestseller of the recent months, books on personnel management, effective sales and other literature.

The final of the accelerator was closed with a nice party on the occasion of the first official meeting of GenerationS alumni club, which brought together the participants of the startup accelerator of different years.

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