INVITRO has established the "New approach" nomination for the GenerationS finalists
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8 December 2015

INVITRO has established the "New approach" nomination for the GenerationS finalists

The largest private healthcare company in Russia INVITRO has become a partner of the Federal GenerationS startup accelerator organized by RVC, and established its own nomination named "New approach" for the accelerator finalists.

The winner in the " New approach" nomination will be named on December 15 during the GenerationS Super Final which will take place in the framework of the Moscow corporate venture summit at the site of SKOLKOVO Moscow school of management.

The project that demonstrates outlooks for future medicine, whether diagnostic or treatment techniques and procedures, will be awarded in the framework of the nomination. The main evaluation criterion is creation of technology which will enable the project to scale and capture the target markets. “The nomination and agreement of intent are not an end in itself. Our objective is to find interesting projects with leading-edge technologies,” said the Marketing Director of INVITRO Andrey Voynov. “Projects of GenerationS participants look promising. Certainly, they should be explored, results have to be verified, and business plans to be checked out. If a technological highlight taken as the basis has medical significance, the project might have prospects for the future. This is exactly the main criterion for evaluation.”

In the first half of 2015, the INVITRO network has become the largest private healthcare company in Russia. “This means that we have been long outgrown just diagnosis techniques and now we are interested in all spheres of medicine. But nowadays medicine is inseparably connected with technologies that are developing at a breathtaking pace. We support the Russian medical science, help research teams to collect scientific data, do clinical research – just because there will not be new technologies, diagnostics and treatment techniques without development of science. At the same we are keeping abreast and striving to be at the forefront of most breakthrough technologies appearing on the market,” adds Voynov.

INVITRO network has been engaged for some years already with an upgrade and optimization of its production and marketing chains. The company has mastered the delivery of biomaterial by flying drones. Each patient has an electronic cabinet which keeps its personal history - in fact it is an electronic medical record. “Medicine is getting closer to the patient,” noted Andrey Voyvov. “This means development of microfabrication techniques, and telemedicine, and many other directions. We do not limit creative impulses of young scientists and start-ups. Medicine is a huge field of activity where one may virtually move mountains. And any fresh ideas here are interesting for us. We would better chang our business models to adapt to new technology than would imped technology by our current limitations.”

As noted by Gulnara Bikkulova, Board member and Director of the Department of innovation markets at RVC, involvement of strong industry partners like INVITRO plays an important role for projects participating in the accelerator: "This year five young medical companies became the finalists of BiotechMed GenerationS track. Each of them has come a long way from the first results of scientific research before presenting them to a wider audience. Each deserves to come in sight of such a large and farsighted player like INVITRO and get an opportunity to perform pilot trials of relevant developments and let them reach the final consumer."

GenerationS-2015 covers seven industrial areas: technology of modern energy generation (Power & Energy), new technology for the oil and gas industry (Oil & Gas), “smart” city and Urban Development technology (SmartCity), Manufacturing Automation and Robotics (Robotics), technology in telecommunications (Telecom Idea), technology for the aerospace industry (Aerospace), medicine and biotechnology (BiotechMed). In 2015, RVC modified the format of GenerationS to transform it into a line of industry corporate accelerators with the goal to help large companies forge cooperation with small businesses.

The companies as follows became corporate partners of GenerationS: Group "RusHydro", IES Holding, OJSC "MOESK" Fund "Energy without borders", PJSC "MTS", CJSC "Sberbank-Technology", Reseach and Production Association "Saturn", S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, GC "Morton," Regional Public Organization "Russian technical society", OJSC "Holding Tatneftekhiminvest», Johnson & Johnson, GC Farmkontrakt, Manufacturing group "Sibbiofarm". More than one hundred of state enterprises and commercial companies are among the partners of GenerationS including: The Fund of assistance to development of small businesses in the scientific-technical sphere, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Association of innovative regions of Russia, VTB24, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, FORA-BANK Kamaflow, SAP, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Invest in Finland, PwC, GC "EFKO" INVITRO, Yandex.Taxi, and many others.

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