FORA-BANK became a partner of the accelerator GenerationS
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
9 December 2015

FORA-BANK became a partner of the accelerator GenerationS

JSC JSCB "FORA-BANK" became a partner of the Federal GenerationS startup accelerator.

Within the GenerationS super final which will be held on December 15 at the SCOLCOVO Moscow school of management on the venue of the III. Moscow corporate venture summit, Chairman of the Board of FORA-BANK Sergey Balakin will participate in the panel discussion "Open innovation of FinTech market: change in order to live" as part of a Corporate venture summit. He will also award one of the main GenerationS prizes to the project which took third place in the GenerationS super final.

The executives of FORA-BANK note that the Bank has an interest in involvement in innovation and venture activities, as well as to inform the participants of the GenerationS and Corporate venture summit of their services. “As a state-of-the-art and universal Bank, FORA-BANK has an interest in the economic development of the country, new industries and new high-tech companies, including providing quality financial services for them. Moreover, the bank is concerned with the most topical trends in the FinTech area. Particularly interesting are innovations associated with automation of banking and finance industry as a whole, which are able to "make customer’s lives easier" when making financial transactions, financial planning, as well as projects dealing with increase in financial literacy. We are also ready to examine the possibility of investment participation in the projects of the GenerationS startups participants”, emphasised Sergey Balakin.

As Gulnara Bikkulova (RVC member of the Board and head of the GenerationS accelerator) said, the inclusion of FORA-BANK in the number of partners of the accelerator is an indication that the innovation and venture ecosystem develops dynamically and attracts new players: “One of the tasks of GenerationS is to involve new motivated partners in development programmes and infrastructure projects on support of small and medium technology businesses. FORA-BANK has been long working with businesses, and we expect that active handling of innovation and venture topics will help the Bank to find new growth areas."

GenerationS-2015 encompasses seven industrial directions: modern technologies of energy production (Power&Energy), new technologies for the oil and gas industry (Oil&Gas), smart city and urban development technology (SmartCity), Manufacturing Automation and Robotics (Robotics), technology in telecommunications (Telecom Idea), technology for the aerospace industry (Aerospace), medicine and biotechnology (BiotechMed).

In 2015, RVC modified the format of GenerationS to transform it to a line of industry corporate accelerators with the goal to help large companies to forge cooperation with small businesses.

The companies as follows became corporate partners of GenerationS: Group "RusHydro", IES Holding, OJSC "MOESK" Fund "Energy without borders", PJSC "MTS", CJSC "Sberbank-Technology", Reseach and Production Association "Saturn", S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, GC "Morton," Regional Public Organization "Russian technical society", OJSC "Holding Tatneftekhiminvest», Johnson & Johnson, GC Farmkontrakt, Manufacturing group "Sibbiofarm". More than one hundred of state enterprises and commercial companies are among the partners of GenerationS including: The Fund of assistance to development of small businesses in the scientific-technical sphere, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Association of innovative regions of Russia, VTB24, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, FORA-BANK Kamaflow, SAP, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Invest in Finland, PwC, GC "EFKO" INVITRO, Yandex.Taxi, and many others.

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