GenerationS-2015 superfinalists have been named
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
14 December 2015

GenerationS-2015 superfinalists have been named

Seven superfinalists of the GenerationS-2015 accelerator were defined and they will present their projects tomorrow at the site of the Corporate venture summit. During open voting on the website 45555 votes were obtained.

Super-finalists of GenerationS-2015:

Aerospace Track. Following the results of loting Aerospace Track is the first at the Super Final. The winner is project "Modeling the synthesis of new materials in additive technology", with 43% of the votes cast in the track. "Modeling the synthesis of new materials in additive technologies", a Tomsk project for the development of engineering software for management of technological processes of product manufacture taking into account the interaction of various phenomena occurring at the same time.

SmartCity Track. Following the results of loting it shall be pitched as the second tomorrow. Winner is Samocat Sharing System, which gathered 33% of the votes among the track projects. Samocat Sharing System is a fundamentally new system of joint use of micro and electric vehicles based on the automatic issuing of electronic scooters which already in the near future will complement the public transportation system and replace the established systems of bicycle-sharing systems in cities and towns. This is the first project in the world that comprises creation of a network of machines for leasing of scooters and electric scooters.

Telecom Idea Track. This is the third participant at the Super Final. Winner is Cardberry service, with 42% of the vote track. The service allows recording all discount cards, bank cards, subscription to a fitness center, laissez-passers for access to work and much more on one electronic card.

Power&Energy Track. Following the results of loting it shall perform as the fourth participant at the Super Final. Winner is project "Turbodiagnostics", with 35% of the vote. The cost of downtime of the 1000 MW power unit is 30 million rubles a day. Hardware and software system to monitor the status of blades in gas turbine engines developed by the GenerationS team of finalists allows to reduce the duration of operational inspection of turbine blades by 20 times, which leads to a saving of up to 100 million rubles per year for unit of such capacity.

Oil&Gas Track. It shall perform as fifth participant. The super-finalist is "Zinoferr" anti-corrosion coating, almost 50% of the votes is cast in the track for the project. "Zinoferr" – is a zinc silicate anticorrosion coating intended to protect the oil and gas equipment, piping, steel structures, as well as vessels, offshore platforms, infrastructures.

BiotechMed Track. Following the results of loting it shall perform at the Super Final as sixth participant. Winner is "Genic therapeutic anticancer medicinal product AntionkoRAN-M", with 69% of the votes cast in the track. AntionkoRAN-M is first anticancer nonviral genic therapy medicinal product in Russia that passed preclinical trials. The medical product is a DNA molecule which contains two genes: killing gene and immunostimulative gene. To deliver cancer cells, the therapeutic DNA is placed in a special envelope.

Robotics Track. It shall perform at the Super Final as seventh. Winner is Krasnodar project AnyWalker ("Walker" Chassis), with 50% of the votes of the track. The creators of AnyWalker have developed a universal cross-country chassis, capable to move on rough terrain, in conditions of the destroyed buildings, overcome stairs and obstacles of unpredictable configuration. In up-to-date reality such chassis are important for many kinds of rescue, military and other equipment. We sincerely congratulate all the projects which arrived at the super final! And our respect to all 35 finalists of GenerationS – each is worthy to win. Tomorrow you will get to know all the developments of the GenerationS accelerator finalists at the exhibition.

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