Sberbank has established the Sberbank Awards nomination for the finalists of GenerationS
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
14 December 2015

Sberbank has established the Sberbank Awards nomination for the finalists of GenerationS

Sberbank became a partner of the Federal startup accelerator of the GenerationS organized by RVC.

In the framework of the partnership the special nomination Sberbank Awards is established: future technologies for business in which one project from among the finalists of GenerationS will be selected and awarded. The awards ceremony will take place on 15 December as part of the GenerationS Super Final which will be held at the "SKOLKOVO" Moscow school of management within the Moscow corporate venture summit.

The winner in the Sberbank Awards nomination: future technologies for business will be the best project, according to Sberbank experts, which prepares technologies for the development of the business and operates in the B2B segment. The winner will receive expert and mentoring support from Sberbank experts.

When supporting the GenerationS, Sberbank solves important tasks from the point of view of its strategy to develop the market and support small and medium business in the country. “One of the Sberbank`s objectives is to support the development of technological entrepreneurship and innovation and venture capital market in Russia. That is why we decided to engage in a major infrastructure project aimed at development in a country of a startup community, entrepreneurial culture and tools of open innovation – accelerator GenerationS organized by RVC," noted Andrey Sharov, Vice-President, head of small business development at Sberbank.

The head of the accelerator GenerationS, a member of the Board of RVC Gulnara Bikkulova noted that the participation in the project of such large and systemically-important partners like Sberbank is very important: “Due to the fact that GenerationS includes such "heavyweights", we get access to considerable expert resources and even more opportunities to help our members promote their developments and turn projects into a strong technology business. And, of course, participation of Sberbank is very important because through such alliances, GenerationS consolidates the largest institutions in the country to achieve a large and important goal - development of a community of businessmen of a new formation in Russia."

GenerationS-2015 covers seven industrial areas: technology of modern energy generation (Power&Energy), new technology for the oil and gas industry (Oil&Gas), smart city and Urban Development technology (SmartCity), Manufacturing Automation and Robotics (Robotics), technology in telecommunications (Telecom Idea), technology for the aerospace industry (Aerospace), medicine and biotechnology (BiotechMed).

In 2015, RVC modified the format of GenerationS to transform it into a line of industry corporate accelerators with the goal to help large companies forge cooperation with small businesses.

The companies as follows became corporate partners of GenerationS: Group "RusHydro", IES Holding, OJSC "MOESK" Fund "Energy without borders", PJSC "MTS", CJSC "Sberbank-Technology", Reseach and Production Association "Saturn", S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, GC "Morton," Regional Public Organization "Russian technical society", OJSC "Holding Tatneftekhiminvest», Johnson & Johnson, GC Farmkontrakt, Manufacturing group "Sibbiofarm". More than one hundred of state enterprises and commercial companies are among the partners of GenerationS including: The Fund of assistance to development of small businesses in the scientific-technical sphere, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Association of innovative regions of Russia, VTB24, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, FORA-BANK Kamaflow, SAP, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Invest in Finland, PwC, GC "EFKO" INVITRO, Yandex.Taxi, and many others.

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