GenerationS results
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16 December 2015

GenerationS results

On December 15, 2015 at the Final of the GenerationS-2015 Federal accelerator of technology startups the winners were announced, which shared the Grand Prix – 10 million rubles


1 place — the project "Genic therapy anticancer drug AntionkoRAN-M" (BiotechMed track). The medicinal product is intended to treat head and neck cancer, cervical cancer. Getting into the tumor, the medicinal product results to the destruction of tumor cells and activation of specific antitumor immune response, thereby the cancer cells die and risk of metastasis reduces. The Moscow project with Irina Alekseenko as its head receives 8 million 253 thousand roubles.


2 place — the project Samocat Sharing System (SmartCity track) is a fundamentally new system of joint use of micro and electric vehicles based on the selfservice stations to issue scooters and electric scooters. Project founder is Vasily Bykov, Moscow. The project gets 1 million 211 thousand roubles.


3 place — the project "Turbodiagnostics" (Power & Energy track). Hardware and software complex to control the status of turbine blades during operation. Timely detection of blades wear helps prevent serious damage to aircraft engines and turbine installations, increase dependability and reliability in operation. Project Manager - Boris Chichigin, Moscow, 536 thousand rubles.

The prize fund was distributed between the three winners in proportion to the number of votes cast for them by the members of the GenerationS Board of Trustees, as well as the number of votes gathered during the public voting on website.

The participation in the accelerator is great opportunities to everybody – team members, and corporate partners, and track operators who piloted the methods of introduction of new technologies in the production and marketing chains of large companies. This year approximately 400 strongest experts worked with 2566 teams, developing high-end technology. Following the results 35 start-ups were selected – this is the best, most advanced developments, ready for implementation in the real sector. We congratulate the winners and all the teams which were not included in the coveted top three on the completion of this stage so important for all of us. We wish them a rapid takeoff, productive dialogue with corporate partners, real achievements and good business performance.

Gulnara Bikkulova

Head of the GenerationS, Board member at RVC

RVC has been holding GenerationS since 2013. This year, GenerationS is carried out in close cooperation with major Russian corporations that were directly involved in selection, examination and acceleration of projects based on their needs in innovation. The companies as follows are among them – GC "RusHydro", Group "T Plus", MOESK, Fund "Energy without borders", PJSC "Mobile TeleSystems", Sberbank technology, Research and Production Association "Saturn" S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", GC "Morton", Regional Public Organization "Russian technical society", OJSC "Holding Tatneftekhiminvest», Johnson & Johnson, GC Farmkontrakt, Manufacturing group "Sibbiofarm" and others. Acceleration was held on 7 industrial sectors (tracks): Power Energy (technology of modern power generation), Oil and Gas (new technologies for the oil and gas industry), SmartCity («smart" city and the technology of urban development), Robotics (automation and robotics), Telecom Idea (technology telecommunications), Aerospace (technology for the aerospace industry), BiotechMed (medicine and biotechnology).

GenerationS-2015 gathered a record number of applications - 2,566 projects from 14 countries. 141 startup selected by the results of a multistage examination has passed an intensive training program in corporate accelerators. On December 15 at the Corporate Venture Summit congress hall of "Skolkovo" Moscow management school 7 best teams presented their projects to the GenerationS Board of Trustees, consisting of CEO of RVC Igor Agamirzyan, director of "Young Professionals" ANO ASI Dmitry Peskov, rector of "Skolkovo" Moscow Management School Andrey Sharonov, director of Yandex marketing services Andrey Sebrant, head of Skolkovo robotic center Albert Efimov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere, Ivan Bortnik, and others.

Following the results of accelerators individual plans for joint development of projects with corporations are worked out, project concepts are finalized in accordance with their requirements, preparatory work is performed at production factilities to prepare for testing of technologies. NPO "Saturn" is actively working on several projects among the finalists of the Aerospace track, for example, negotiating the procurement of innovative products of the team from Novosibirsk, which developed stands to diagnose fuel injectors on the basis of optical tomography. SEMAT is examining the possibility of establishing a consortium with "Saturn" for the joint production of machines for multicoordinate electrochemical machining with a rod electrode. The finalists of BiotechMed track hold negotiations with Johnson&Johnson. PJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" is considering the possibility of corporate ordering and development of joint products with the finalists of Telecom Idea track — GetShop.TV, DIRECTUAL and Cardberry. RAO ES of the East, Rosseti, RusHydro and T Plus are engaged in thematic negotiations with the finalists in the area of modern power generation. Operator of Robotics direction - Moscow Technological Institute has invested more than 20 million rubles, and is planning to invest additional 70 mln. rubles into the projects of three finalists of its track by 2017 - FACE_iS (VisionLabs), BiTronisLAB, AnyWalker. At the same time, finalists of the Robotics track negotiate on further cooperation with "Sberbank Technologies".

Bank VTB24, partner of GenerationS-2015 on business development, awarded FACE_iS (Vision Labs) in the special nomination "Opportunities of your business" with an exclusive range of banking services and an opportunity to take advantage of preferential conditions for the credit business, as well as "Privilege" annual package of premium financial services.

Partnership of VTB24 with GenerationS allows to support promising entrepreneurs and to highlight the most interesting projects aimed at B2B market services. New technologies not only improve the internal business processes, but are also able to change the model of interaction between clients and the Bank. One of such projects, the face recognition cloud service, was awarded a special prize from VTB24. Overall, in my opinion, there are no losers among the finalists of the accelerator. Thanks to the participation in GenerationS, the entrepreneurs received mentorship support, funds for development and recognition from the professional community. And this is a real victory for each one of them.

Nadiya Cherkasova

Member of the VTB24 management Board

Within the framework of its own nomination "New approach", medical company INVITRO awarded the project "Noninvasive glucometer" with certificate for performance of clinical investigations to check the functionality of technology.

In the special nomination "Alfa-Start" Alfa-Bank awarded Panda Money with certificate for the joint development of the project, including access to the customer base of Alfa Bank to test ideas, develop marketing communications strategies, mentoring and coaching.

Team Finland under the nomination "Finland - the bridge to the global market" gave to the winners in the BiotechMed and Telecom Idea tracks 6 certificates for mentoring support for a period of 6 months. The certificates give their holders the right to participate in key start-up meetings and industry events in Finland, gain access to Western investment funds, receive support for registration of legal entities in Finland, marketing support.

In the nomination "Biotechnology for the food industry", technological partner of GenerationS of GC EFCO awarded the project Terebra with a grant worth 350,000 rubles and a certificate for joint business development; including the provision of material and technical base of the Innovation Center for elaboration of individual stages of the project and analysis of the characteristics of the innovative product. The project Terebra was also awarded a cheque on investment worth 1.5 million rubles from Kamaflow, the investment partner of GenerationS.

The project Directual received from PJSC "Sberbank" a certificate for expert and mentoring support in the nomination "Sberbank award: future technologies for business."

Prizes were given not only to the project team members. RVC together with the Ministry of economic development and iR&D club awarded the Group of companies "MORTON" with a prize in the nomination "Leader of Open innovation," a free membership in the iR&D club for 2016. The best regional partner of GenerationS was also awarded - StartUp-Sabantuy and the best operator of the track - Tomsk State University (operator of the BiotechMed track).

More than one and fifty hundred of state enterprises and commercial companies are among the partners of GenerationS including: The Fund of assistance to development of small businesses in the scientific-technical sphere, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, VTB 24, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, FORA-BANK Kamaflow, SAP, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, TeamFinland, PwC, GC "EFKO" INVITRO, Yandex.Taxi, and many others.

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