20 start-ups in the field of media and entertainment will pass through development program in the Creative Industries GenerationS accelerator
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
13 December 2016

20 start-ups in the field of media and entertainment will pass through development program in the Creative Industries GenerationS accelerator

In Moscow, a corporate accelerator of the Creative Industries track that is a part of the GenerationS startup accelerator held by RVC, has begun its operation on the venue of the leading communication agency in Russia Publicis Russia.

Industrial partner of the track is Sher Oston production center specialising in creation of media products and special projects in entertainment and show business. Publicis Russia and AMEDIA film company are also among the track partners. During the two weeks, the partners will assist participants in work on the projects and ideas aimed at development of the city space, new educational systems, film industry technologies, etc.

20 teams from more than 600 teams that submitted applications for participation in the track, were qualified to participate in the Creative Industries corporate accelerator. The industry track partner Sher Oston qualified 15 most promising solutions to participate in the accelerator:

K-Visor - interactive marketing application for Windows that ensures the efficient way of providing products or services as well as collection of analytical data at well-attended places.
Fulldome Pro  is an engineering and architecture agency for building and modernization of planetariums and mobile spherical cinemas and content studio.
eSports MatchMaking platform.
MOAR Stack  is a stack of protocols installed on the client device to create a network.
VidiGuide - accessible mobile event platform of ultra-precise content delivery.
A universal set of adaptive converter for analogue and digital signals of the show management systems.
BOFT — instant photo printing in kiosks.
LocalGuide  is a service for selection of the guide when planning the journey.
Gamified simulators of up-to-date search and decision-making methods.
Elbrus  is an automated sales platform for used auto parts.
GrammyGo! — promotion platform for beginner actors.
Taxigram  is a mobile app to integrate different types of transport.
Emotian is a service monitoring emotional background in any region of the world.
On The Wave  is a global online service to book time for snowboarding, wakeboarding and artificial waves, etc.
PASPARTU is a mobile and web platform to search for contractors to address the needs of wildlife tourists.

5 more projects were selected for acceleration by the track partner, Publicis Russia communication agency:

NativeOS web-platform for native advertisement joining advertisers, information resources and producers.
Volumesup is a radio hosting that allows creating custom broadcasting stations.
Tagvisor is a convenient and simple service that help search for a place for recreation based on the feedback from social network hash tags and geolocation markers.
CreaBank is a portal providing instruments for public distributed digital custom production.
Electronic construction kits LART is a project aimed at popularization of technical creativity among children.
Creative Industries program is designated for everyday practice including educational courses, presentations of the respected industry experts as well as individual work of the team with a tracker. The participants will also meet with the Innovation Directors, Development top-managers of the leading companies in media, digital, FMCG industries.

Setup sessions were held at the beginning of the accelerator where novice entrepreneurs communicated with the partners’ representatives and invited guests. There was conducted a diagnostic session that allowed evaluation of the project maturity, strong and week sides and development perspectives. The participants visited a site of the track partner - AMEDIA company. Denis Gorshkov, CEO of AMEDIA TV, and Milana Bogatyryova, Marketing Director of AMEDIA, shared their experience in creation and development of Amediateka project. The day ended with an excursion around the motion-picture studio and getting to know how it works in the field of film production.

On December 12-16, the educational block held by Publicis will be conducted for the projects. Agency experts: Dragorad Knezi, Darja Batamirova, Alexandra Khachaturyan and Veronika Danilova will speak of methods used to create a value proposition, research the market, position brand and create brand strategy. On December 20, «Rybakov Fund» experts will present to the participants a special program related to preparation of the projects according to Coaching and Leadership Development R2 methodology which aim is to develop personal roadmaps.

The acceleration program will end with presentation of the projects in the format "Was-Now-Will be". Based on the results, 6 months development plans for every project will be developed, teams' demands and requests for forming-up further accelerator program will be determined.

«Creative Industries track was launched by RVC for the first time in 2016. We saw how dynamically changes in the entertainment and media industry kick into gear. It is the content that changes, as well as its presentation and forms of delivery to the consumers. Content consumers change too. Today, it is not enough just to know the tools used to work with the media and entertainment industry, it is necessary to be able to forecast market development several steps ahead in order to get the customer interested and find him in the necessary point. We are glad that our track partners - Sher Oston, AMEDIA and Publicis Russia - will teach the participants how to develop the projects in the field of media, entertainment, film-making and education," Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy CEO of RVC and GenerationS ideologist, noticed.

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