A technology reality-show for hardware start-ups will begin in Russian internet
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
12 December 2016

A technology reality-show for hardware start-ups will begin in Russian internet

Within the framework of the project «Battle of technologies» organised by Planeta. ru and EVAInvest investment platform in partnership with RVC, founders of young technology business will learn how to raise funds for their developments and present them to the public, they will establish their crowdfunding campaigns and will communicate with investors.

Who can participate in the «Battle of technologies»?

The project is aimed at the developers of solutions, devices, equipment for everyday use — gadgets, drones, «smart house» systems, robots, developments created to improve quality of life for people with health limitations, etc. In order to enrol in the «Battle of technologies», it is required to have a working prototype and pass through the expert qualification. The product may be developed independently and based on the special technical creativity platforms. Thus, FabLab and CMIT supported by RVC refer to the latter. Only 10 startups will be able to participate in the technology reality-show. Applications for participation in the project are collected till December 20 (inclusive).

Why «Battle of technologies»?

Promising technical specialists will be able not only to study demand for the new products, but also to attract attention to their development and business based on it. During the whole February, the crowdfunding, marketing and PR experts will teach the «Battle» participants how to develop a successful crowdfunding campaign from scratch, achieve financial objective and launch on the broad market. Experienced directors, editors and designers will help start-up founders shoot a video message, create appealing description and design, think over rewards for the users and polish other crowdfunding project elements. At the end of the training course, every «Battle» participant will get the project ready for launch, loyal audience and PR-campaign plan.
Following the results of the educational stage, the participants will launch their campaigns five of which will receive a starting contribution from RVC — 100 000 rubles for each campaign. But only those whose projects will demonstrate financial solvency and collect the necessary amount, will gain the main reality-show prize: start negotiations with the investor.

What are the peculiarities of this reality-show?

In «Battle of technologies», as in any reality-show, love of viewers is as important as jury’s votes. This is love of viewers that will make it possible to determine which start-up team will receive advantages for its crowdfunding campaign and will help to collect the necessary sum for ideas implementation.
Project participants will receive the complete toolbox of means using which they will be able to win heart of any user. Popular Russian internet resources will provide a platform for blogs where start-up founders will meet new people and inform audience of the project progress. Crowdfunding experts will tell how to find the approach to common users and Internet stars whose support will be invaluable during the crowdfunding campaign. However, the way in which this toolbox will work depends only on the «Battle» participants, on their readiness to contact with the audience, write vivid and unusual posts and constantly interact with the project users.

Someone has perfect technology ideas — we have the technology that will bring these ideas to life. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that it is necessary to be able to fight for your ideas — this is what we will teach you at the «Battle of technologies» — Fyodor Murachkovskiy, Director of Planeta. ru.

You can submit your application for participation in the «Battle of technologies» on the project page.

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