20 Russian financial technology start-ups on the way to global expansion
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9 December 2016

20 Russian financial technology start-ups on the way to global expansion

Investment robot-consultant for millennials, crowdinvesting platform for small business, mobile app that teaches children to save up money and more 17 GenerationS fintech projects were qualified for the corporate accelerator.

The teams have passed the first test — the industrial partners Visa, QIWI and Moscow exchange gave their votes to them from 355 applications for participation. Three months of the intense accelerator work, which program is prepared by RIS Ventures, operator of fintech track, and enhancement of technological products and opportunity of global launch of the project — are ahead. Only three best projects will get to the GenerationS final.

The corporate accelerator that started on November 22 will run until February 22, 2017. Educational modules with RISVentures coaches, meetups with the successful industry entrepreneurs and investors, work with the mentors, individual consultations and practical activity are awaiting for the participants. 20 projects will participate in the program, of which 7 startups are supervised by QIWI and Visa tandem, 13 — Moscow Exchange.

QIWI and Visa started work with the following projects:

  • FinHub — fast search for a credit for small and medium business.
  • PlanKaban — a service for automated generation of personal financial plans based on the machine learning technology.
  • PandaMoney — a mobile app/game that practises children and their parents in financial awareness. In particular, how to save up the money.
  • Suretly — a micro-guarantees exchange, solution for short-term investment of small savings.
  • Oz Photo Expert — a software complex to determine the fact and area of forgery in digital images and scanned documents. Biometric user authentication.
  • LINERGO, «Flat accounting» service — a system of tenant relation management and electronic settlements management for HUI enterprises and power resource suppliers.
  • Smartan 2.0 — a robo-consultant for cross-selling and prescoring of legal entities for bank employees, crowdfunding platforms and MFO working with legal entities.

Olga Turzhanskaya, Director of QIWI Venture, Venture direction of QIWI Group:
«All projects that passed our qualification not only perfectly fit into the long-term products strategy of QIWI Group, but can also supplement each other and as a result can create an ecosystem. Thus, for example, in the conditions when the deposit interest rates get lower, our clients demonstrate interest to the alternative methods of private investments (Suretly project), but it is necessary to enhance their level of financial awareness (PandaMoney and PlanKaban projects) for competent use of the alternative tools. In the current conditions, small business experiences more and more difficulties in attracting external financing, and banks experience more and more difficulties in making quality analysis of the potential borrowers. FinHub and Smartan 2.0 services are able to solve these issues, that is why we expect that they might be highly sought for by our partners and clients.»

Moscow exchange runs:

  • UnicornBay — a personal robo-consultant for investors on the bond market.
  • INVESTBOX — mobile investments marketplace.
  • Simple Invest — mobile app for investments in securities for novice users and professionals.
  • Crowd 1.0 — crowd-investing platform for small business.
  • Fandico — financing search for the real economy entrepreneurs and reduction of debt loan. Risk assessment, maintenance and repayment of loans.
  • Cindicator — predictive market analytic for individual investors and hedge funds. Decentralized forecasts and signals.
  • Conomy Right — a mobile app, robo-consultant that independently forms an individual portfolio for a security holder and manages it.
  • AlgoMost — processing and analysis of the information using the machine learning technology.
  • Optiacs — a free mobile app for novice investors. High profitability thanks to machine learning technology. B2B2C model, monetization through brokers’ referral fees.
  • IIoT service that helps to forecast failures of the industrial equipment based on the big data and machine learning technologies.
  • Risk fixation. Designed for small and medium business. Makes it possible to fix the exchange rate for a period of transactions with the help of financial and exchange tools.
  • Yango — the bonds via smartphone.
  • Newton — an application for private investors on the share and bond market.

The best projects will get access to development infrastructure and clients’ database of the industrial partners — QIWI, Visa and Moscow Exchange. Three leaders of the financial industry consider a possibility to integrate the promising developments of the accelerator participants in their own portfolios.

On February 22, the track DemoDay and investment negotiations will be held in Moscow. The tree best project teams determined at the DemoDay, will go to Luxemburg on March 1-15 where they will meet with MangroveCapitalPartners fund. Super final of GenerationS with giving out of the money prises is planned for the second part of March 2017.

GenerationS money prizes

  • FinTech track prize fund: 1 million rubles.
  • Final prize fund — 15 million rubles — divided between the teams that won eight accelerator tracks.
  • The winner of the special nomination Raiffeisen Award from Raiffeisenbank will receive a financial bonus in the amount of 1 million rubles.
  • Fund for innovation support will provide grants to the best GenerationS projects within the framework of UMNIK and START programs.

About RIS Ventures
RIS Ventures is the leading participant of the educational and consulting services in the field of development of innovation and technology business, partnership of investors, directors and founders of the technology companies on the international level. RIS Ventures customers include EMC (Dell), Abbyy, Beeline, Softline, Kasperskiy Laboratory and other large companies and innovation infrastructure subjects. RIS acts as an operator of the Finance & Banking Technologies track, and it will ensure high level of acceleration for the participants in close synergy with the partners and international market.

About GenerationS
The largest technology projects accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe and the first federal platform for creation and development of the corporate acceleration tools. It has been held by RVC since 2013.

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