The best fast-growing companies presented their projects to investors at the Seed Forum
8, Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, 123112
6 December 2016

The best fast-growing companies presented their projects to investors at the Seed Forum

On 1 December, the 18th International Investment Forum — Seed Forum — was held in Moscow. The Forum brings together thousands of funds and business angels all over the world and helps promising projects find their investors.

The Seed Forum in Moscow is held in partnership this the Moscow Exchange Group, RVC and Moscow Region Development Corporation. The forum was opened by the head of IIM administration of the Moscow Exchange and director of the Moscow Region cluster development center, Alexandr Komarov.

The best participants of the GenerationS corporate tracks, finalists of the regional acceleration programs held with the support of RVC and participants of FizTech XXI cluster presented their projects at the forum.

This year, the Seed Forum was attended by 70 investors, representatives of venture funds and business angels from the following companies: VentureLink, Atlant Invest Management, Da Vinci Capital, Teitelman andpartners, RMI Partners, Gordinvest, FasterCapital, EVA Invest, MALCON Finance, Veles Capital, ALOR INVEST, Maxfield Capital, SBI Holdings, Inc, Rietumu bank, etc.

We support our companies and their participation in the forum for several years. Some projects of the GenerationS participants have already took part in the Russian and international Seed Forums. For example, a GenerationS participant VisionLabs company, in 2013-2014 passed training in LOGA Group & Seed Forum programs and then successfully raised financing with capitalization of 1.4 billion rubles,« — deputy director of RVC and GenerationS ideologist Gulnara Bikkulova notes.

FizTech XXI cluster residents were invited to the Seed Forum in the format of a visiting session. During the two days, the participants worked over the issues related to business-modelling, understanding of the main aspects related to product and service success, promotion, branding, understanding of the steps for launch of the products and services on the market with participation of the international experts and LOGA Group experts.

«We were glad that today we have a possibility to arrange the visiting session together with LOGA Group, co-founder of the Seed Forum in Russia. For the last two days, FizTech XXI cluster participants, projects of MPIT and Severny Biopharm cluster were able to become familiar with the latest global practices of business development, from business planning to organization of sales and quality offer for the investors,» the Head of Cluster Development Center if the Moscow Region, Alexandr Komarov said.

«For the third year in a row the Moscow Exchange becomes a partner of the Forum. For the last several years we, at LOGA Group and Seed Forum, work with the potential issuers. We know that interaction with the companies which aim is the initial public offering (IPO), is interesting for the venture stage investors. We hope that many Seed Forum 2016 participants will find their investors and will ensure profitability to the seed stage investors on the IPO stage in the future,» Director and co-founder of LOGA Group & Seed Forum in Russia Alexandr Loktionov concluded.

Companies participating in the Forum

  • Timebook — the company developed and launched on the market a high technology solution for automation of the work time logging for the retail chain employees. Contracts with the largest retail chains. The company is getting ready for the next round of financing with successive scale-up to the industrial transaction or IPO during 3-4 years.
  • Taxigram. ru — one of the GenerationS corporate accelerator participants. A service that brings together opportunities to select taxi services, car sharing and other transportation possibilities in the present day city. Perspectives of capitalization and industrial transaction within 3 years, or IPO within 5 years.
  • VR Place — one of the GenerationS corporate accelerator participants. The company offers a service that helps to increase sales with a perfect perspective of entering global markets and Exit strategy in 3-5 years.
  • Car sharing — offers a great investment opportunity for business angels and seed investment funds. The service allows businesses to scale the operators of car shearing. The company successfully tests development perspectives in Russia and on the Asian markets.
  • Zen (Oracle) — a finalist of the StartupTravel program. The company develops and launches of the equipment market a device able to determine physical parameters of a human. This development has a number of advantages over the analogues and excellent perspective of market development.
  • Ibsen Coffee House — a startup from Norway, successfully implements its business model on the European markets and considers business development in Russia.
  • Noxa-datalab - offers a new approach in data management and storage. The product has obvious advantages over the analogous and is represented on the fast growing market. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • Labtech - offers a breakthrough solution, a new technology of determination of products quality. The solution is launched on the Russian and international markets. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • SKYRIS — developed and launch on the market (have a prototype and preorders), new type of filters for photo and video equipment that has a number of advantages over the known analogues. The company offers a splendid investment opportunity for business angels and seed funds. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • GoPro (Laboratory of Autonomous Systems) — the company develops and launches on the market a new generation of unmanned devices for underwater filming. The company has scaling perspectives on the global markets. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.

About LOGA Group
LOGA Group Company offers a wide set of programs for fast-growing high technology companies and corporations: acceleration programs, preparation to listing, risk management, investment documents and reporting. From 2013, LOGA Group is an operator of RVC programs and a resident of the STROGINO Technopark service area. From 2010, LOGA Group is a general partner of the Seed Forum International Foundation in Russia and co-founder of the International Investment Forum Seed Forum. The forum runs annually together with Moscow Exchange PJSC.
Website: logagroup. com, seedforum. org

About IIM
Innovation and Investment Market of Moscow Exchange.
The exchange sector for high technology companies created by Moscow Exchange in cooperation with ROSNANO. IIM issuers are high technology companies with significant growth potential. Shares and bonds of the innovation companies and shares of the venture funds are permitted for trade on IIM. At the moment, 36 securities are listed on IIM, total capitalization of this sector is 213 billion rubles. Trading volumes of stocks increased by 82% up to 54.5 billion rubles in 2015. IPOboard operates as a part of IIM — an information system for raising funds by the promising privately-held companies of the innovation sector of economy including on the pre-IOP stage. More than 220 companies and 300 investors are registered on IPOboard.
Website: Web: moex. ru

RVC JSC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation. Main objectives of RVC JSC: encouraging the creation of Russia’s venture capital industry and performing functions of the National Project Office of the Technology Initiative (NTI).
RVC has authorized capital amounts to more than 30 billion rubles. 100% of the company capital is owned in full by the Russian Federation represented by the Russian Federal Agency for State Property (Rosimuschestvo). The total number of RVC funds has reached 21; their total size is 32.3 billion rubles. The share of RVC is 19.9 billion rubles. The number of innovative companies invested by RVC funds has reached 194. The total volume of approved investments is 18.5 billion rubles.

About Moscow Region Development Corporation JSC
Moscow Region Development Corporation JSC is a governmental institution created by the Government of the Moscow region to raise funds, maintain and implement investment projects, development of the region investment infrastructure.

About GenerationS
GenerationS is the largest start-up-accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, a federal platform for developing corporate acceleration toolwork. It has been held by RVC since 2013.
More than 20 Russian corporations, interested in the selection and acceleration of start-ups, have become customers and corporate partners to GenerationS. Following the results of multi-stage expertise, GenerationS participants will receive rich opportunities for business development and attraction of investments, access to resources and infrastructure of the accelerator partners. In 2016, 4237 applications for participation in GenerationsS from 30 countries of the world were submitted. The GenerationS-2016 prize fund will amount to 15 million rubles. Total value of prizes from the partners will exceed 100 million rubles.

About Department of science, industrial science and entrepreneurship of Moscow
About Department of science, industrial science and entrepreneurship of Moscow is the industrial executive authority of Moscow executing functions related to development and implementation of the state policy of the city in the field of: industry, science, technology and innovation activity; support and development of entrepreneurship; creation of advantageous investment climate; raising and maintenance of investments; development and determination of directions for us of the industrial areas of Moscow.

About STROGINO Technopark
STROGINO Technopark is the first state technopark founded by the Government of Moscow with support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in 2007, a unique venue where a complete cycle of project support from idea to arrangement of production is implemented. For nine years of work, the technopark raised more than 130 companies. Graduates from this park are such projects as Webinar, Your tutor, LinguaLeo.

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