The results of GenerationS technological competitions have been announced
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2 December 2016

The results of GenerationS technological competitions have been announced

RVC summed up the results of the first technological competitions arranged in cooperation with the TechNet task force of the National Technology Initiative with support of GenerationS start-up accelerator.

Applications for participation in the competitions were collected until October 15. 30 applications of participants from all over Russia were submitted in total. Students, young scientists, representatives of engineering centers and technology start-ups demonstrated the engineering skills. During November, the experts’ jury carefully evaluated competition applications, as a result of this evaluation, the winners’ names were announced.

Competition «Optimization of a bracket by mass»

The participants were offered to optimize thrust transfer bracket for gas turbine engines. Initial bracket mass — 3.14 kg. The product would be manufactured using the method of selective laser sintering from stainless steel. Criteria for determination of the best applications was the lowest weight of the optimised bracket achieved subject to compliance with all requirements for the construction and resistance.

The experts committee includes:

  • Borovkov Aleksey Ivanovich, Vice-Principal for Perspective Projects of SPbPU;
  • Fedoseev Denis Vladimirovich, Deputy Chief Engineer of the pilot-production plant for additive technologies of SPA Saturn;
  • Fertman Aleksandr Davidovich, R&D Director of nuclear technology cluster of Skolkovo.
  • Fedorov Maksim Mikhailovich, Chief Engineer of the pilot-production plant, SPA Saturn;
  • Stogov Vladimir Sergeevich, Production Director of SPA Saturn.

27 applications were submitted to Optimization of a bracket by mass competition. The participants were able to demonstrate proficiency in up-to-date optimization technologies and lower part mass by several times. However, not all applications complied with strict requirements for resistance, that is why several competition applications were eliminated from the rating.

The competition winners are:

1 place and a prize of 200.000 RUB: Ilya Zelinskiy (bracket weight — 531g);
2 place and a prize of 150.000 RUB: Boris Sokolov (bracket weight— 773g);
3 place and a prize of 100.000 RUB: Denis Vdovin(bracket weight — 913g).

Competition «Alternative technologies of bearing block production»

The objective of a competition is to offer alternative methods of production of bearing block for a gas-turbine engine. All technologies should include improvement of the existing process in relation to expenses for a part and to performance subject to unchanged or higher quality and reliability of production. The participants should demonstrate competence in the field of materials science, organization and knowledge of economy, because the competition application should consist of the offer to optimize the production process and trial economical design.

The experts committee includes:

  • Sobolev Aleksey Alekseevich, Deputy Managing Director — Economy and Finance Director of SPA Saturn;
  • Berestevich Arthur Ivanovich, chief metallurgist of SPA Saturn;
  • Stogov Vladimir Sergeevich, Production Director of SPA Saturn;
  • Blov Vladimir Dmitrievich Head of Chair of cast processes of MISiS;
  • Satulskiy Aleksandr Anatoljevich, Pro-rector of RSATU.

Only three participants applied for participation in this competition. Following the results of evaluation, none of the applications was recognised as appropriate to the competition condition. This, no winner was defined in this competition.
We congratulate the winners and thank all participants for courage in solving such difficult tasks.

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