Graduate of GenerationS initiates the CybAthletics competition
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19 October 2017

Graduate of GenerationS initiates the CybAthletics competition

From 9 to 10 November, the CybAthletics Union supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, RVC, ASI and the Skolkovo Foundation will hold cybathletes’ competitions. The event is expected to be attended by more than 100 participants from different regions of the Russian Federation, all of whom use prosthetic hands, feet, electric wheelchairs and neuro-pilots. The CybAthletics competition is held under the Seventh International Specialized Exhibition "InvaExpo. Society for All" and the National Forum of Rehabilitation Industry and Universal Design "Hope for Technology". Venue of the event is Skolkovo Techno park.

CybAthletics is a competition of assistive technologies. The participants overcome the obstacle course by performing mundane operations using rehabilitation equipment. The CybAthletics course includes elements that simulates tasks people with disabilities face in their daily lives.

The first day, November 9, will see the qualifying competitions. The program of the second day includes the final starts and demonstration performances by the cyber athletes. To win in each sport, every stage must be overcome faultlessly within the shortest possible time.

The obstacle course includes climbing and descending stairs and ramps, walking on uneven surfaces and curbs, table setting, replacement of electric appliance lamps, prosthetic grasping, moving objects of various configurations. Starting from this year, the course provides new elements and game disciplines: hanging linen using clothespins as part of "hand prostheses" discipline, replacement of flat surface with a spherical one in the "stones" element as part of "hip prosthesis" and "crus prosthesis" disciplines, computer racing controlled by brain signals ("Neyrothlon" element).

"The competition is initiated by Motorica, a graduate of RVC-organized GenerationS tech-up accelerator. This kind of competition will limelight Russian developments in the field of prosthetics both at the federal and international levels," emphasized Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director, Director for Development of Innovation Infrastructure, a member of the Management Board of RVC JSC.

 "When organizing the event, we considered the desire of experts to complicate a number of course obstacles in order, on the one hand, to increase the intensity of emotions in the competition, and on the other hand, to raise the bar for the functionality of the available rehabilitation equipment", said Andrey Davidyuk , Chairman of the Board of the Cybathletics Union.

The first CybAthletics competition in Russia was held on June 15, 2017 in Moscow as part of the "Integration 2017" exhibition. 23 people from 7 regions of Russia took part in the competition. A large-scale world analogue is Cybathlon, the international Olympiad for people using high-tech assistive devices. The first competitions were held in 2016 in Zürich. The Russian national Cybathlon team supported by RVC, ASI and Skolkovo was represented by five teams.

The media officials, participants and volunteers can sign up for the competition via the following link.

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