RVC and GTLK join efforts to search for "smart vehicle" technologies
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20 November 2018

RVC and GTLK join efforts to search for "smart vehicle" technologies

As part of the XII International Forum “Transport of Russia” 2018 organized by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC, and General Director of GTLK Sergey Khramagin signed an agreement on the creation of a joint technology accelerator based on GenerationS.

According to the partnership agreement, experts from GTLK and GenerationS are going to select startups offering solutions in the field of transport technologies. These solutions will help create a safer, more environmentally friendly, “smart” vehicles.

It will take several years, and digital technologies will transform the transport industry. The number of accidents will decrease, public transport will no longer be late, and cargo will be delivered faster — and all this almost without human intervention. Digital transformation in transport is one of the key tasks of our state. And we are pleased to know that GTLK will create an accelerator of technology startups in the transport industry together with RVC. A company that has extensive competencies in this area,” commented Sergey Khramagin, General Director of GTLK, on the conclusion of the agreement.

The new solutions, as expected, will contribute to the search for passenger and cargo transport technologies:

— smart vehicle control systems will be able to give signals if the driver falls asleep at the wheel or drives into the oncoming lane; 
— hybrid vehicles will consume less fuel and become safer for the environment; 
— telematics systems will establish “communication” between the vehicle and the driver so that the machine will be able to call emergency services in the event of an accident or report an attempted theft and the current location of the vehicle; 
— in air, rail and maritime transport, the latest technologies are required to build optimal routes, improve safety, monitor the technical condition of the vehicle, and create unmanned vehicles.
“Scouting in the field of transport technologies can be boldly referred to as one of the strongest competencies of GenerationS. Accelerator graduates include many successful startups from this field, and among the partners are major international manufacturers, Michelin and Airbus. Using the accumulated expertise, we will be able to find technologies and innovative business models that affect the ways of transporting goods and passengers on all modes of transport, and thereby improve the business potential of a partner,” said Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC.

The selection of projects in the accelerator will begin in early 2019. Startup teams that have undergone acceleration will have the opportunity to launch pilot projects with partner companies of GTLK (RZD, KAMAZ, UAC, GSS, Russian Helicopters, USC, etc.).

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