GenerationS became the first Russian accelerator included into the international association GAN
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18 July 2018

GenerationS became the first Russian accelerator included into the international association GAN

A corporate accelerator for technological start-ups GenerationS by RVC became the first Russian accelerator that won approval of Global Accelerator Network (GAN).

Global Accelerator Network is an independent global association that unites the largest accelerators from around the world. GAN was created by Techstars in 2011 in partnership with the state program for technological start-ups development in the USA Startup America Partnership. More than 90 accelerators from over 30 countries are among the network participants, now an accelerator from Russia joined them. The GAN community also includes about 10,000 start-ups, 85% of which became successful according to the acceleration programs outcomes. Amazon, Cisco, American Airlines, IBM, Land Rover, Microsoft, Michelin, Mastercard, Universal Music Group and others are among the GAN corporate partners.

Cooperation with GAN offers exciting possibilities for its members. GenerationS has an access to the best foreign practices of conducting accelerating programs, it is able to attract technological start-ups from other countries and could help Russian developers to tap new markets.

"GenerationS participation in GAN indicates that the Russian accelerator is recognized by the international community. The association includes accelerators from countries with fast-growing economies: the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, Europe. Cooperation with them will give us an opportunity to attract foreign investments to Russia and introduce foreign inventions to Russian corporations," said Ekaterina Petrova, Director of the corporate accelerator GenerationS.

As of 2018, the total investment in GenerationS graduates amounted to 2.4 bln rubles. The accelerator's partner network comprise of more than 400 partners including corporations, universities and technology parks. During the accelerator's work, 14,635 start-ups from 30 countries applied for participation in it, 70% of start-up graduates are profitable.

To increase the international status of the project, GenerationS systematically partners with foreign corporations, government agencies, infrastructure facilities and venture funds. In 2018, international corporations Michelin and Airbus fell into the ranks of GenerationS customers. Every year, startups finalists of the project represent themselves at such venues as the Week of Innovation and Technology in Singapore (SWITCH), SLUSH, Hannover Messe, Germany Startup Tour, VIVA Technology, as well as the finalists join practical trainings on elaboration of innovative infrastructures of Silicon Valley, Germany, France.


About GenerationS

GenerationS is a federal platform for corporate acceleration instruments development. Arranged by RVC since 2013. Every year, the list of GenerationS industrial partners is expanded by more than 20 Russian corporations for benefit of which the selection and acceleration of startups is conducted. Following the results of a multilevel expertise, GenerationS members get wide possibilities for business development and investment attraction, access to resources and the accelerator partners infrastructure.

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