26 February 2020

7 startups presented their projects at the first pitch session of the Chelpipe Group Accelerator

The frst #GENSTalks ChelPipe event took place in Moscow. An open pitch session of technology startup teams with the Chelpipe Group experts and GenerationS corporate accelerator from RVC was held in ‘Tochka Kipenia Communa’. Seven Russian startups presented their projects.

As noted by ChelPipe Group experts, the results of joint work will include the conclusion of the contracts with the winning teams as well as refinement of certain projects with the involvement of the Chelpipe Group’s manufacturing resources to test their commercial effect.

GenerationS selected seven most promising projects among the applicants for the pitch session. Representatives of each startup had the opportunity to make 5-minutes presentation of its innovative solution, indicating the potential effect for the Chelpipe Group, as well as 5 minutes to answer questions from the experts.

7 startups took part in #GENSTalks:

— Kavaca – nano-ceramic coating for surface protection with construction, industrial and commercial application;
— Warden Machinery – teсhnology for detecting defects in pipeline parts, bulk volume assessment, inspection of the conveyor belt, localization of the end of the wire and hooks, etc.;
— Coalescent – technology for reducing the content of oil in the scale of metallurgical industries;
— Biomicrogels – coagulants that allow effective separation and disposal of oil, oil emulsions, purify water from oil products;
— Reinnolz – integrated solutions and equipment for heat exchange systems, filtration, as well as for metallurgical heat engineering processes and chemical technologies;
— VR Concept – application for collaborating with engineering data in VR and AR;
— In Pipe Robot – robots for the diagnostics of technological and trunk pipelines with focus on small diameters in the range of 200-600 mm.

All startups have a stage of "prototype" and above, conducted the necessary tests and are ready to cooperate with manufacturing companies in Russia or abroad, as they have well established themselves in the market.

Anton Gizatullin, head of the new products department (accelerator lead), Chelpipe Group noted:“We appreciated the potential of all the projects presented today. In our opinion, some of them need to be developed or analyzed in terms of assessing the potential of joint cooperation. There are also projects with a commercial effect for the Chelpipe Group, and we are ready to discuss next steps of cooperation with them, since the benefits of interacting with them are obvious to us”.

Ekaterina Petrova, Managing director at GenerationS corporate accelerator by RVC, commented: “We are pleased to have a productive cooperation with Chelpipe Group, which is actively introducing innovations at its production facilities. At the first pitch session, we gathered not only GenerationS accelerator alumni startups, who presented their advanced solutions for the metallurgical industry to the jury, but also representatives of the scientific field of the country's leading universities. It is important that the projects participating in today's event have already proven their solutions in the market. Together we went through the process of growing up and development, which is a valuable experience for GenerationS and an important milestone in business development for startups. We hope that this open meeting helped all participants to better understand the challenges they faceand to outline further steps”.

The event’s partner was the MISiS National Research Technological University.

You can apply for participation in the accelerator until March 31, 2020 on the accelerator website:

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