GenerationS alumni, Biomicrogels Group, became the winner of the G20 Innovation League
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12 October 2021

GenerationS alumni, Biomicrogels Group, became the winner of the G20 Innovation League

Russian startups, GenerationS alumni, marked themselves at international arena and participated in the G20 Innovation League forum, which took place on October 9 to 10 in Sorrento, Italy. The Biomicrogels Group start-up won in the Clean Technologies category. The Russian startup NtechLab, a developer of computer vision technologies, also won the Artificial Intelligence direction. The solutions proposed by the winning companies will be included in the "White Book" of the top 10 technological solutions in the G20 countries this year.

The G20 Innovation League Forum is one of the most important events for the development and search for partners, where the innovation climate of the G20 countries is being fostered. The event is designed to build a network between public and private players in the field of innovation, startups and corporations on a global scale.

To participate in the event, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development together with Russian venture and investment funds (VEB Ventures, RDIF, Orbita Capital, Almaz Capital, Unicorn Capital) selected 5 startups to represent Russia.

In total, 100 participated in G20 Innovation League. Their technologies are aimed at solving the main challenges of our time – eliminating environmental pollution, improving healthcare, managing the potential of AI, improving the quality of people's lives, creating smart cities. All projects were evaluated by international venture investors and corporations. The evaluation criteria were uniqueness, financial viability of the project, compliance with current trends and etc.

Among the winners from Russia is a GenerationS alumni, Biomicrogels Group.

Biomicrogels Group presented its own solution - Biomicrogels®, which allows to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 23 million tons per year when cleaning industrial wastewater from oils, fats and petroleum products, processing and disposal of waste cutting fluids, liquidation oil spills, increasing the efficiency of vegetable oil production. Biomicrogels® technology is protected by more than 100 patents in 62 countries of the world, including more than 20 countries in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada and the Persian Gulf countries. The company won in the CleanTech category - waste reduction technologies, and international experts praised the proposed solutions.

The project RFSENS was presented in the category of Smart Cities and Mobility - Smart cities with an emphasis on mobility. St.Petersburg Polythechnic University graduates and ROSTEC employees founded the RFSAW laboratory, which developed the RFsens IIoT platform. It allows you to create wireless systems for online monitoring and diagnostics of equipment in industrial and energy sectors.

Super Motorica is a project for the production, implementation and support of high-tech functional prostheses. It changes society's view of people deprived of limbs, and the attitude towards them. The project is presented in the IoT/wearables category - Internet of Things and wearable devices.

“Our alumni entering the international arena is a significant event and the result of the hard work of their entire team, – noted the GenerationS Managing Director Ekaterina Petrova. – We always remember the importance and necessity of creating a global innovation space that can expand precisely thanks to such events. in this case, It is especially important that the solutions offered by domestic developers are noted by leading global companies and investors. The solutions of our alumni are unique in their own way, which is why they received such a high appraisal from our international colleagues".

The event was attended by members of the G20 and the invited countries, participants of the innovation ecosystem, such as venture funds, startups, corporations, as well as leading experts in various fields. Digital sessions were held for participants who could not attend the forum due to existing restrictions.
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