10 November 2014

"Computer Robotics" will address the innovation session of Rostech

"Computer Robotics", a GenerationS-2014 participant-project, received in the competition final a special prize from Rostech – the opportunity to make a presentation of its own technology at the nearest innovation session of the state corporation. Roman Usatov-Shiryaev, project manager, spoke about the progress of presentation preparations and their team's expectations from cooperation with Rostech.

– Our company has existed for two years. We have created a technology that enables 5-10 times improvement of the management accuracy of robots for milling, drilling, grinding, assembly and other industrial operations. A separate direction of our work is creation of algorithms and control systems for advanced robotic platforms and industrial complexes.

At some point we realized that we need a major strategic partner for further development. Now, when we started working with Rostech, we understand that this company can become one. We got acquainted with the state corporation at several stages. First we met its representatives during the GenerationS elimination round in Kazan. Then we talked to Vladimir Kosteev, Executive Director of the Directors Club for Science and Innovation, whose members are heads of departments of major corporations.

The second meeting with Rostech corporation representatives was held at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, where our team presented a prototype technology. We had the chance to meet Alexander Kashirin, Head of Rostech Department for Innovation and Strategic Development. After the presentation, we invited him to our booth and discussed the projects progress. In general, Alexander became interested in our work, but suggested a more detailed discussion of possible cooperation at "Open Innovations" Forum.

We had time to prepare for this meeting and we came to the forum very well prepared! It was there that we got the opportunity from the state corporation to show our innovative technology at the next Rostech session the nearest spring. We do hope that participation in it will lead us to a new level: we will make an offer for the participants, which they will consider as a vital one.

The opportunity to make presentation at innovative session forced us to develop even faster: now we are visiting industrial sites, talk to the technologists and plant employees about how they work is going on. This is extremely important! We want to have a clear idea of what the enterprises need for and to make perfect technical specifications for the work. I have heard several times the scientists being accused of excessive abstraction, which is not surprising. For example, how your laboratory tests are carried out? We make the robot drive in a circle, write a letter or draw a figure. A "heart" drawn by the robot at the presentation is not enough - we want to understand the "kitchen" of enterprises and offer specific solutions.

By the way, we used to apply this strategy before: I personally called the factories and asked for a meeting. My demands were received with a confusion: people did not understand why we needed to meet as I did not want to buy from them or to sell them anything. GenerationS changed our position: the authority of the competition organizers opens almost any door. Participation in the accelerator is a kind of recommendation, project "quality certificate".

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